The Wacky Woods

Near Fanny Bay on Vancouver Island is a conundrum. The woods have every marking of a tourist location, yet are without several of the most important. They are known by locals, not by Yelp or Google, and they tell one man’s story; a descent into madness, perhaps? Hover over the photos to read more! The … More The Wacky Woods

The Snake

the snake whose scales are yellow like niblets of corn and other scales that are like emeralds packed together so closely, like a lunchbox full of all the necessary supplies. what exactly has slid through that wide, flat belly of yours?

The Great Tragedy

the great tragedy of my life is that i can’t write everything down i can’t paint every influence and reason for me. i must go on. i think of eighty new paintings between the morning and night birds, monsters’ faces, some of them go unpainted this is tragic too