Sharp at Both Ends

Even the best needles aren’t sharp at both ends; that’s an old Chinese proverb meaning that if you strive for perfection, you’re likely missing the big picture and not making yourself as useful as you could be. Like many proverbs, this one is applicable to many different facets of life and existence. These shows from┬áSpring … More Sharp at Both Ends

Top 5 Collections of London Fashion Week

In these uncertain political times, dissatisfaction with the administration has become the mainstream. At NYFW, it seemed like every other show was an obvious reaction to the election. For example, at Prabal Gurung, we saw plus-sized models, edgy androgyny, and Bella Hadid closing the show wearing a t-shirt that read “the future is female”. In … More Top 5 Collections of London Fashion Week

Top 10 Chicest Collections at NYFW 2017

Being chic in 2017 is about bravery, independence, and confidence. Chic is not explicitly political; chic is thinking for yourself. In New York, fashion and street style have become nearly synonymous. Nearly every designer opted to dress down the looks in response to market demands. However, every designer has a different interpretation of what exactly … More Top 10 Chicest Collections at NYFW 2017