NYFW – Day 4

Now that the first three days of NYFW have come to a wrap, things are cooling off in anticipation of the rest of Fashion Month. New York Fashion Week stands out for the street style; even the most celebrated eveningwear designers have infused their collections with a distinct accessibility. The collections that stood out to me on day four were the ones that most masterfully struck a balance between comfort and class.

All rights reserved by Jenny Packham

What could be classier than the freshest crop of Jenny Packham dresses? These are upscale enough for any black tie event, but the designs borrow certain elements from current street style trends. For example, the slip dress neckline, cute jumpsuits, and elegant embroidery all remind me of the “model-off-duty” style that we’ve all seen circulating the ‘gram this week.

All rights reserved by Jenny Packham

That being said, I find this collection to be simply stunning. I love the sequined fabrics here; I’m already getting plenty of inspo for next NYE.

All rights reserved by Prabal Garung

Designer Prabal Garung is also well-known for creating glamorous evening gowns, but for FW18, the team are leaning towards a more casual look.

All rights reserved by Prabal Garung

Some of these could certainly be worn to a gala or ball, and some should most definitely not.

All rights reserved by Camilla and Marc

New York design duo Camilla and Marc have made a gala gown or two, but this season, their signature street-style vibes were structured and polished enough for the office.

All rights reserved by Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham is known for her prim – or dare I say posh – style, and she never fails to deliver during fashion month.

All rights reserved by Brandon Maxwell

Brandon Maxwell is all of the above; eveningwear meets street style meets business casual.

All rights reserved by Brandon Maxwell

Even when he does classy eveningwear, he throws in a hoodie on a ballgown for good measure.

All rights reserved by Sies Marjan

Sies Marjan is also a lot of fun. This mostly streetwear-inspired collection features an oversized fuzzy pink jacket (my favourite), an opalescent trench coat, and multicoloured accessories. There’s no wonder Marjan and team have made such a name for themselves in the New York street style scene; a Sies Marjan coat or jacket is the perfect addition to any street-ready outfit, especially during the colder months.

All rights reserved by Tibi

The creative geniuses at the helm of Tibi know what we want – cheeky, chic streetwear, and lots of it. The label never disappoints during fashion month.

As NYFW begins to wind down, the real street style stars are becoming more and more obvious; they’re the designers who inspire our Instagram-ready outfits with every change of season.

NYFW – Day 3

If anything, the first couple days of the first New York Fashion Week of 2018 have shown us that a number of trends from 2017 certainly are not going anywhere; models in slip dresses, in pink from head-to-toe, in fuzzy coats, and in slinky sheer evening gowns dominated runways. The girlie atmospheres and subtle nods to the 00’s continued on strong into day three.

All rights reserved by Cushnie et Ochs

This season, co-designers Carly Cushnie and Michelle Ochs celebrated their tenth anniversary as a dynamic duo. These forces of fashion have been making clothes for their fellow women for an entire decade. This milestone collection is on point; it references fashion trends from the 60’s all the way up to modern times. I’m loving all the pink, and the fabrics the pair of designers chose.

Another time pink popped on the runway was at Tory Burch.

All rights reserved by Tory Burch

Well, the models weren’t in pink, but look at that catwalk!

All rights reserved by Milly

Another great pink runway occurred at Milly. This is definitely one of my favourite collections so far; I love the colours, textures, and retro vibes yet unique designs.

All rights reserved by Milly

In this show, the models also appeared in pink. That fuzzy pink coat is a necessary object if I’ve ever seen one.

All rights reserved by Christian Siriano

Christian Siriano complemented his fuzzy pink coat with similar styles in brownish-burgundy and ruby red.

All rights reserved by Juicy Couture

However, the most pink was on the models at Juicy Couture – and rightfully so. The fashion industry just cannot throwback to the 00’s without JC making a comeback.

All rights reserved by Adam Lippes

A pretty significant pink look and major vintage vibes occurred at the Adam Lippes presentation.

All rights reserved by Bottega Veneta

As they usually do, the vintage vibes continued on strong into the Bottega Veneta presentation for this season. However, one aspect of the show was anything but usual; the Italian superpower fashion house presented for the first, and apparently last, time in New York City.

All rights reserved by Bottega Veneta

This one-time-only fashion experience was marked by a series of street-ready separates, party frocks, and velvety gowns.

All rights reserved by Oak

The vintage vibes were also strong at Oak this season, but in a completely different way. This cheeky collection is oh-so-90’s and just begging to be worn on the streets of New York.

And if you’re planning on braving the cold for the ‘gram, it better include some serious outerwear.

All rights reserved by Phillip Plein

Phillip Plein has been building a name for himself in the fashion world. From cigarette-smoking models on runways, to instamodels who don’t quite look the same in real life as they do in their photos, to a frenzy of fake snow, if you’re at a Phillip Plein show only two things are guaranteed; it’s going to start late, and you’re going to have some strong opinions after the fact.

All rights reserved by Phillip Plein

That being said, streetwear seriously sells right now. These fresh looks are probably already all over your Explore page.

All rights reserved by BCBG Max Azria

Max Azria, who took a hiatus from releasing new products for the duration of 2017, dropped these designs for this season and they are also begging to be worn in street style photos.

All rights reserved by BCBG Max Azria

Bonus points for the comfy cardigans and chic leggings – all alongside the glamorous eveningwear that Azria is known for.

All rights reserved by Self-Portrait

The creative team behind this Self-Portrait collection also know the importance of doing things your own way. This collection borrows subtleties of current trends – such as high-waisted a-line mini-skirts – but the results are completely unique. And do you spy a single unironed wrinkle in that satin? Because I cannot.

All rights reserved by Self-Portrait

Without relying on a celebrity cast, this presentation and collection have demonstrated that trendy doesn’t have to be tacky.

All rights reserved by Priscavera

This season, the creative geniuses at the helm of Priscavera also put their own unique spin on modern trends.

All rights reserved by Priscavera

This collection gives a subtle nod to the 90’s and also the early 00’s. 90’s trends have been popular again for quite some time, but the motifs you might remember from the early 00’s are just getting their sea legs. Depending on where you live, you might have already noticed that the 00’s are coming back “in”.

All rights reserved by Chromat

But you know who really marches to the beat of their own drum? The creative minds behind Chromat, that’s who. At a time when everyone’s talking about who should be on the runway – in terms of size, gender, age, and race – Chromat shows us who.

All rights reserved by Dion Lee

However, if loud and obnoxious isn’t really your thing, you might be into Dion Lee’s latest offerings.

All rights reserved by Dion Lee

Alexander Wang’s FW18 collection is also all about edgy business casual.

All rights reserved by Alexander Wang

With a pop of pink,for good measure.

All rights reserved by Alexander Wang

The idea here is that a young, powerful businesswoman might wear this to her office. While it’s a nice thought, I think most young professionals wouldn’t risk the disciplinary call to their temp agency that would come with looking like this.

All rights reserved by Alexander Wang

The show was held in an old office building on Times Square, precisely where Mr. Wang started out in the industry working for Teen Vogue. If anything, he’s definitely pumped some fresh life into what is supposed to be a mundane space.

All rights reserved by Brock Collection

Similarly, this season Brock Collection have injected some life into usually stale eveningwear trajectories. Nothing about this is stale; it’s young and fresh enough for a twentysomething, but elegant enough for a woman of any age.

All rights reserved by Brock Collection

In conclusion, day three has shown that a lot of NYFW designers have been experimenting instead of relying wholly on trends. Some staples from last season are now proving that they have legitimate staying power – such as the slip dress, the fuzzy pink coat, and cold shoulder necklines. Keep checking back for more updates and NYFW coverage.


NYFW 2018 – First Look

In New York, it’s that time of year again; photographers are flying in from all corners of the world, models are flaunting their street style in between fashion shows, and designers are stitching the last details to their garments just minutes before they’re set to go down the runway. That’s right, it’s NYFW once again.

New York is cold right now. Which is great news if you’re about to walk an indoor catwalk wearing oversized outerwear – not so great if you’re outdoors shooting swimwear for some SS18 campaign. It seems fitting that in the midst of a brisker-than-usual February, New York’s best fashion designers are dropping their latest designs for next fall and winter. So curl up in a warm and preferably fuzzy sweater, grab yourself a cup of hot chocolate, and start daydreaming about your next autumn wardrobe.

All rights reserved by Frame

The creative minds behind Frame delivered this collection of desirable wardrobe staples early this month. The world of fashion moves quickly, and it’s always better to give yourself a head start. Some of these pieces are straight up necessary for a winter wardrobe – red velvet and leopard print have been trendy for a few seasons now, and it doesn’t look like either are going anywhere soon.

Frame are great at picking up on current trends and giving them a retro vibe. For example, this take on both the slip dress and pantsuit trends. I love the silhouettes the team have chosen for this season; it’s all about bellbottoms and lampshading. Can you say ’70s?

All rights reserved by Frame

The second half of this lookbook serves even more vintage vibes than the first. I’m sure we’ll be seeing some of these stunning streetwear looks on models, celebrities, and celebrities who model before next fall even begins.

All rights reserved by Rachel Zoe

Rachel Zoe is another NYFW mainstay who never fails to deliver vintage vibes. As she’s been doing for a few season, she’s taken decade fashion and made it into something more accessible. This marketing strategy has paid off for her immensely; her extremely trendy brand has earned her a large following of fans and a dedicated base of clientele.

All rights reserved by Rachel Zoe

If you’re not into the velvet or slip dress trend, you’re going to have a hard time this season. Certain looks are just everywhere. No one can say for sure where they originated, but they sell.

All rights reserved by Audra

Speakin of sales, warm woolen coats are always a safe bet for any Fall/Winter season. Audra have an edge because they also know that when the temperature goes down, sequin sales go up.

All rights reserved by Trina Turk

What better way to stay warm than in a designer poncho?

All rights reserved by Alena Akhmadullina

Alena Akhmadullina knows how to strike a balance between staying warm and looking like a queen. This season, she adorned her models in delicate details like embroidered owls, butterflies, and flowers. Then she draped them in rich Russian furs. Plenty of designers are opting to go faux, as there is an increasing marketplace demand for it. In fact, Alena’s SS18 collection was notably lacking the controversial coats. But it appears as if that were a one time thing. After all, her motto is “more is more”.

All rights reserved by Alena Akhmadullina

She is known for creating heavy, luxurious looks for her dedicated audience. Compared to some of her previous work, these are a little more streetwear influenced. It’s like her Russian heritage and her roots at NYFW have collaborated and the result is this collection.

All rights reserved by Red Valentino

Valentino are another brand known for luxury. Red Valentino, however, is a little more streetwear-inspired for a younger target audience. Both collections were designed by Pier Paolo Piccioli, who is the second successor of the founder of Valentino, Valentino Clemente Ludovico Garavani. When an already established brand takes on a new creative director, the fashion world holds its’ breath; we’re never quite sure if we’re going to love what we see when their first collection drops. However, Piccioli has done such a wonderful job with Valentino and all diffusion brands that he has become something of a fan favourite; and it’s not hard to see why.

Certain silhouettes and fabrics are iconic in the fashion industry. For example, everyone knows the cinched Dior waist and the classic tweed Chanel suit. The coats at the beginning of this lookbook have the same impact on me as those iconic pieces. No one does a clean, A-line wool coat quite like Valentino.

Similarly, no ones does a tulle skirt quite like Red Valentino. This marvelous motif has become extremely trendy over the last few years, however, since Piccioli started co-designing Red Valentino with Maria Grazia Chiuri in 2012, tulle has been nothing less than a staple for the brand. In their first collection, nearly every skirt was constructed from tulle, in order to reflect what Piccioli called “a romantic idea of a young girl thinking about fashion: mixing something new with something vintage with something couture”.

In the early 2010s, embroidered tulle was pretty much only being done well by these two and by Elie Saab. Pier Paolo Piccioli and Maria Chiuri have both referenced back to the tulle skirt heavily throughout their careers. Today, Piccioli is something of an industry golden boy. He is revered by critics, peers, and fans. Maria Grazia Chiuri has been at the helm of Dior since 2016, but all of her designs are not instantly beloved. Fans of the fashion industry have criticized her for “cheapening” Dior with t-shirts and tulle skirts.

Her collections have also caused controversy for pumping out exact replicas of traditional dress form particular cultures. One thing you definitely can not do as one of the most high-profile fashion designers in the age of social media is copy designs; people will notice and they will call you out. For example, Instagrammer @diet_prada posts when they notice designers “twinning”, and their ~300K followers are quick to like, comment, and adjust who they’re following appropriately. And the followers aren’t fake; major brands, verified accounts, and mega-famous supermodels like Naomi Campbell regularly like and leave comments. Being accused of stealing intellectual property is like being burnt at the stake in the fashion world.

Fashion designers have been ripping eachother off since the dawn of time, but in the age of social media, if the wrong person notices, careers can end as quickly as they began. In addition, when the founder of a great fashion house retires, or a highly regarded successor moves onto a different project, or a fan-favourite fashion designer meets an untimely demise, there are always big shoes to fill.

However, there is an entirely different kind of pressure reserved for designers who began their craft in this century and unveil their designs under their own name. Nellie Partow would know this feeling all-too-well after putting together nearly a dozen ready-to-wear collections over the past several years.

All rights reserved by Partow

Partow made a name for herself for creating high-quality knits and cashmere. She marches to the beat of her own drum, preferring to start new trends rather than jump  on passing bandwagons. Her FW18 effort looks like a slam dunk to me; I am obsessed with the sweaters – and scarves that look like sweaters – that she’s put out for this season.

All rights reserved by Novis

For FW18, the creative team at Novis have also put on a strong sweater effort. Their take on the tulle skirt and embroidery trend is great here; the chunky details are in beautiful contrast with the delicate, sheer fabric.

All rights reserved by Luar

Contrast was also a big part of the latest Luar collection. Real legs were juxtaposed with man-made ones, and shirts with sleeves meant for arms were right alongside some pretty indescribable avante-garde designs. This collection speaks to me because I recently broke my arm and I can rarely get my sleeves on. I’m looking at a long and painful recovery process, so I’ve had a lot of time to daydream about robotic limbs and how becoming a cyborg would impact my everyday life. Basically, I dig this futuristic collection.

All rights reserved by Jeremy Scott

Jeremy Scott’s latest collection also inspired some futuristic vibes. And lots of pink; I’m seeing a strong resurgence of the fuzzy pink trend from the early 2000s this season.

All rights reserved by Jeremy Scott

The way to my heart might be through millennial pink, but I am also digging these alien-like looks.

All rights reserved by Johnathan Cohen

That being said, I have a soft spot for anything vintage. Johnathan Cohen’s latest designs were masterfully showcased in this nostalgic series of photographs. The clothes might be brand new, but this lookbook feels like the past.

All rights reserved by Grey Jason Wu

For his line, Grey, Jason Wu took a more modern approach. These luxurious staples borrow from modern trends without relying on them wholly.

All rights reserved by Saks Potts

Saks Potts also added undertones of modernity to these prim coats for FW18. I don’t know about you, but I’m guessing/hoping this was shot on the Upper East Side…. xoxo, Gossip Girl.

All rights reserved by Adam Selman

Adam Selman fused elements of modernity and antiquity with his latest streetwear collection.

All rights reserved by Rachel Antonoff

Rachel Antonoff has become a mainstay in the New York streetwear scene; when Donald Trump was elected, she dropped a line of cheeky sweaters that enjoyed massive exposure on Instagram. This season, she chose to satirize the “good old days” when men would get their portraits painted alongside their canine companions. She calls this latest lookbook “Royal Bitch”.

All rights reserved by Rachel Antonoff

Antonoff never disappoints, but this “Hi, I’m calling on behalf of Fashion?” t-shirt is an instant favourite for me.

All rights reserved by Pamella Roland

In this age of Instagram and street style, where does eveningwear fit in? Well, in case you’ve forgotten, we’re still in the thick of awards season – meaning you’ll probably be seeing Pamela Roland’s latest evening gowns on your favorite celebrities sooner than you think.

All rights reserved by Tadashi Shoji

Tadashi Shoji also unveiled a line of classic eveningwear at New York Fashion Week.

All rights reserved by Alejandra Alonso Rojas

Alejandra Alonso Rojas is one of my favourite NYFW designers. These pieces are the  culmination of an artist’s mastery over quality knitwear, delicate dresses, and vintage vibes.

All rights reserved by Alejandra Alonso Rojas

In conclusion, NYFW so far has been seeing more of the same: streetwear, sweatpants, and undirected political angst. Certain designers stood out by putting their own twists on modern trends. It’s only day two, so make sure you stay posted for all my favourite looks!




Top Collections from Paris Fashion Week for SS18

Whew! It’s been one heck of a fashion month, but now the big four fashion weeks have each drawn to a close. Paris Fashion Week is both the last fashion week and also the most anticipated. Plenty of designers dropped great designs for SS18, but the following houses brought it to the next level. Keep scrolling to see all my #PFW picks, and click on the images for that designer’s full collection.

All rights reserved by Sonia Rykiel

Paris fashion is known for being over-the-top, avante garde, and often misunderstood by those outside the world of high fashion. However, the latest Sonia Rykiel collection is so much more relateable. It borrows trends from the street style gamut, but presents them in a way that is a little more timeless than trendy.

All rights reserved by Sonia Rykiel

I especially like Charlee Fraser in this – and her outfit. Looks like the ’70s bellbottom jeans will be big this spring and summer. Depending on where you live, you can read that as big again.

All rights reserved by Sonia Rykiel

I love the bralettes in this collection. They look so expertly made, comfy, and cute.

All rights reserved by Sonia Rykiel

A lot of vintage trends have made their way into this collection, but I’m not complaining.

All rights reserved by Valentino

I always look forward to seeing new Valentino collections. This prestigious house is one of my favorites, and I’m rarely disappointed by what they put out. This spring and summer collection is looking good as usual; I’ve picked out some of my favorite looks.

All rights reserved by Valentino

The fabrics are rich and the details are embroidered.

All rights reserved by Valentino

Kaia Gerber made a great impression on the industry in her first fashion week, walking for big names like Calvin Klein and Versace. But walking for Valentino is a really big deal; especially during a debut fashion week. No doubt she’s already making mom Cindy Crawford proud!

All rights reserved by Valentino

Valentino doesn’t usually cast big name celebrities, preferring instead to stick with runway veterans. Lea Julian, Faretta, and Ratner are just a few of my favorites who made appearances at Valentino this season.

All rights reserved by Johanna Ortiz

I always look forward to Johanna Oritz‘ latest collections too; and this one was no disappointment. This season, she has opted for a lookbook as opposed to a traditional runway presentation. Each of these street style shots are a pure piece of art. The images that result from a runway presentation are, by contrast, left up to chance. What the attendees wear, technical difficulties, and the stress of hosting an open event can all impact the quality of the fashion images that are relied upon to sell the clothes. When the designer opts for a lookbook, they remain in control of how the clothes are presented. In addition, traditional runway images never show us the back or the sides of the designs. With a lookbook, a designer can show prospective buyers exactly what he or she wants to.

All rights reserved by Johanna Ortiz

Lots of fashion followers prefer the traditional runway presentation, but I much prefer the lookbook. More and more designers are making the switch, so I’m keeping an eye on this trend.

All rights reserved by Johanna Ortiz

Anways, I digress. I love these floral prints and the colours selected for spring and summer. My favorites are the red and light blue combination, as well as that deep teal and the pops of pale pink.

All rights reserved by Johanna Ortiz

These dresses retain a floral pattern yet remind me of feathery fowl; perhaps a pack of parrots or a bird of paradise.

All rights reserved by Johanna Ortiz

The lookbook concludes with a gaggle of green dresses. I love how the pinks and reds are worked into these patterns – so fresh and springy.

All rights reserved by Chanel

Johanna Ortiz might not be a powerhouse name in the fashion industry yet, but Chanel sure is. Although I find Karl’s collections for both Chanel and Fendi hit and miss, this one is a hit for me; believe it or not, you can mess up the idea of a classic Chanel suit. That being said, this is a solid improvement from the FW17 ready-to-wear collection, despite the tacky plastic boots. In fact, I even prefer this over the couture collections for both spring and fall 2017. In addition, I loved Kaia Gerber’s opening of this show; it’s a huge achievement especially considering this is her debut season.

All rights reserved by Chanel

You can’t tell from looking at the pictures, but the models posed for these shots in front of a raging waterfall. I would highly recommend clicking on any of these images and watching a short video on Vogue.com to get the full effect. For this reason, the plastic accessories here are forgiven; they would actually be useful in situations involving waterfalls, or even rain.

All rights reserved by Chanel

Who knew Chanel could pull off a denim-on-denim ensemble that I would actually wear! I also love this blue tie-dye for spring and summer, especially in swimwear form.

All rights reserved by Chanel

The finale saw the plastic hats and gloves come back into full force, but also a lineup of beautiful white dresses. I love these classic pieces for spring and summer, and I’m obsessed with Grace Elizabeth’s closing. Maybe Karl knows what he’s doing after all.

All rights reserved by Alessandra Rich

As her last name suggests, Alessandra Rich‘s collections are all about decadence and elegance.

All rights reserved by Alessandra Rich

This season is all about precision, but that doesn’t mean that Rich is skimping on the delicate see-through details.

All rights reserved by Alessandra Rich

Just because the suiting is serious doesn’t mean these frocks aren’t feminine. Flirty details like sky-high hemlines keep this collection fresh.

All rights reserved by Alessandra Rich

The two things I love most about this collection are the details and the colours. Peep this range of pastels and check those cute buttons and belts.

All rights reserved by Alessandra Rich

Is it still called a finale dress if it’s in a lookbook and not a runway show? Sure, why not. These finale dresses are beautiful in blue.

All rights reserved by Balmain

This Balmain collection was noted by fans of the fashion world for being the first collection in a long time to look, well, different than every other Balmain collection from recent history. The designers at the helm of this powerhouse fashion label took a risk this season by experimenting with new fabrics, shapes, and silhouettes.

All rights reserved by Balmain

I love the sharp suiting and contour lines in this collection. A lot of prestigious high fashion houses have separate suiting and dress divisions, but these suit-inspired dresses have the notion of keeping the genders separate standing on it’s head.

All rights reserved by Balmain

Balmain x Loreal? Balmain x Victoria’s Secret? How about Balmain x navy blue.

All rights reserved by Balmain

I’m living for these blingy embellished suit jackets and dresses.

All rights reserved by Balmain

I like these fluffy-looking pieces too though.

All rights reserved by Redemption

Redemption is an English word for a Parisian fashion house that knows how to command attention in an oversaturated industry. It’s been one of my favorites for several seasons now due to their clever fusion of modern street style trends and vintage vibes.

All rights reserved by Redemption

I’m loving the plaid, denim, and layering this season, even if it’s not a fall collection.

All rights reserved by Redemption

Parisian streetwear is all about a good slip dress.

All rights reserved by Redemption

There’s nothing better than a beautiful slip dress paired with a comfy plaid shirt.

All rights reserved by Redemption

I would replace both my fall and spring wardrobes with this in a heartbeat.

These days, street wear is what sells. But Zuhair Murad knows how to keep his place in the eveningwear market.

All rights reserved by Zuhair Murad

For SS18, he delivered this collection of elegant eveningwear and superior suiting suitable for the red carpet.

All rights reserved by Zuhair Murad

A few seasons ago, Zuhair Murad was synonymous with bling and embellishment. But this spring and summer is all about soft fabric and delicate lace cutouts.

All rights reserved by Zuhair Murad

There’s no better way these days to ensure your eveningwear collection stays fresh than to borrow from the streetwear trend. Zuhair Murad has done exactly that without infringing upon tackiness. I love these delicate lace details and see-through panels.

All rights reserved by Zuhair Murad

I’m not sure which one I like best: I love both the tan fringed dress and the finale dress pictured above.

All rights reserved by Giambattista Valli

At Giambattista Valli, dreamy dresses and sweet sweater vests stole center stage.

All rights reserved by Giambattista Valli

It might look like mostly eveningwear, but there’s a bralette or two in there for good measure.

All rights reserved by Giambattista Valli

Can you tell I love green and maroon for spring?

All rights reserved by Giambattista Valli

It’s glamorous, but comfortable.

All rights reserved by Saint Laurent

Saint Laurent, also known as YSL, dropped these decadent designs amid an all-star lineup and stunning location.

All rights reserved by Saint Laurent

The team at YSL lit up a sidewalk leading to the Eiffel Tower like a Christmas tree and paraded these pretty pieces down it.

All rights reserved by Saint Laurent

It’s streetwear, but it’s so high-end. And just look at the shoes!

All rights reserved by Saint Laurent

I love nearly every piece in this collection. It strikes the perfect balance between trendy and timeless.

All rights reserved by Saint Laurent

Behold the YSL bubble dress as worn by Kaia Gerber; the future is now.

All rights reserved by Saint Laurent

I like how you can tell it’s building up to the finale, but it’s not quite there yet.

All rights reserved by Saint Laurent

And the finale! I love Mica in this finale dress.

And that’s a wrap on Paris Fashion Week! What did you think about the shows this season? Feel free to drop a comment below! Thanks for reading. Stay posted for more of my favorite looks!

Best Looks from Milan Fashion Week

It’s fashion month, and that means designers from all over the world are dropping their new designs for spring and summer 2018. Milan Fashion Week is my favourite week out of the big four, and it also happens to be the one that has most recently wrapped. I look forward to Milan Fashion Week every six months, but I also look forward to seeing some specific labels when they debut their designs for the new season. That being said, I always look forward to Moschino.

All rights reserved by Moschino

I can’t say I was a huge fan of the FW17 collection, but I love this. From the floral arch to the pastel tutus, lo adoro. Not to mention the wigs; I’m about three minutes away from ordering one on Amazon in my shade. I’m living for this intersection between My Little Pony, punk rock, and high fashion; it’s like pastel goth but perfectly on point for spring.

All rights reserved by Moschino

As most Jeremy Scott productions usually do, this one had no shortage of twists, turns, and wings. After the My Little Pony segment, things took a regal turn before they went floral. And did things ever go floral; just look at those stems.

All rights reserved by Moschino

Scott’s Moschino is known for gaudy, printed gowns, but these are so different from his now-infamous beer, Cheetos, and nutrition facts dresses. Something tells me these won’t be getting nearly as scathing of a review as Scott’s first Moschino season.

All rights reserved by Moschino

These finale dresses though. The bouquet gowns are everything.

A smaller but equally as impressive brand, For Restless Sleepers, dropped this lookbook for the upcoming spring and summer sleepwear collection at around the same time.

All rights reserved by For Restless Sleepers

I can’t decide what I like more; the lookbook photography, the setting, or the pajamas themselves. It’s like a haute couture girl living in a mansion couldn’t sleep late at night so she photographed herself in all her designer sleepwear.

All rights reserved by For Restless Sleepers

This is all kinds of goals. I want these PJs, this mansion, and this lifestyle.

All rights reserved by Versace

Versace put on a decadent display this year to commemorate the 10 year anniversary of Gianni Versace’s death. Kaia Gerber, who most of you know as Cindy Crawford’s daughter, led the girls single file looking fierce with a powerful walk and in a leopard pantsuit. The show was peppered with other famous daughters, socialites, and looks.

All rights reserved by Versace

Versace put a twist on the monochromatic pantsuit we’ve been seeing on every runway this season. Pantsuits are great and women should wear them if they want, but why limit ourselves when it’s socially acceptable for women to wear such a range of shapes and patterns? These bold patterns and prints add a layer (no pun intended) on top of what could have been a reduction of power to masculinity.

All rights reserved by Versace

I’m loving this Italian take on Americana; very Westworld. This is a perfect mix of trendy and classic vibes coming together to make something new and great.

All rights reserved by Versace

Peep those rich fabrics and bold textures. This is why Milan Fashion Week is my favourite.

All rights reserved by Versace

These swimwear pieces and Barbie-inspired looks are perfect for spring and summer. I love the oceanic details on the bodysuits here and the casual streetwear in pastel pink.

All rights reserved by Versace

And then came a Versace palette swap; and a classic coat for good measure.

All rights reserved by Versace

On Wednesdays, Versace girls wear pop art. I mentioned the many pitfalls of the monochromatic pantsuit in a previous paragraph, and these expertly swerve them all. This is the monochromatic pantsuit done right.

All rights reserved by Versace

This show was all about a surging walk and a fierce finale. Binx Walton and Gigi Hadid led the finale side by side with a powerful, in-sync walk. Gigi’s sister, Bella, led the crowd down the runway for the finale, and Donatella Versace was joined by Claudia Schiffer, Naomi Campbell, Cindy Crawford, Carla Bruni, and Helena Christensen in glittering gold gowns as the show closed. Dolce & Gabbana is the Italian brand known for bringing “a family affair”, but Versace is out to swipe that reputation.

All rights reserved by MSGM

MSGM are known for bringing something different. The Twin Peaks inspired FW17 show was one of my favourites, and this fabulous follow-up is a hit for me, too. I love how MSGM is used as a synonym for “black” on the opening look, but the holey sweaters and denim vest are faves of mine too. Not to mention the beauty; I love the dark lipstick used on some of the models.

All rights reserved by MSGM


All rights reserved by Dolce & Gabbana

Fashion purists might disagree with me, but I think Dolce & Gabbana are slaying the game right now. True-to-form runway models, Instagrammers, and Victoria’s Secret angels alike walked the same runway for the prestigious Italian fashion house for the latest spring and summer collection.

All rights reserved by Dolce & Gabbana

Dolce & Gabbana shows always have a theme and they always market hard towards millennials; this season was no exception. The theme was “Queen of Hearts” and the millennials were catered to the night before this runway presentation with a not-so-secret “secret show” featuring all decadent eveningwear looks.

All rights reserved by Dolce & Gabbana

D&G are also known for their glasses – sun, and otherwise. I can’t say for sure whether these furry frames will be flying off the shelves in six months, but you can bet these dresses will. I’m always a fan of a reimagined pantsuit, so I’ll fw the Beetlejuice looking look too.

All rights reserved by Dolce & Gabbana

Speaking of reimagined suits, peep the pink pants on the end. This pantsuit is exactly what the Queen of Hearts would wear if she needed a fabulous suit for an executive meeting.

All rights reserved by Dolce & Gabbana

These floral prints, gold pantsuit, and luxucious lace are downright  queenly.

All rights reserved by Dolce & Gabbana

D&G doesn’t always do the card motif right, but this season they did. I love the first two looks here for that reason; the see-through card gown is great, and I love the Queen of Love minidress just as much. It’s an entire wardrobe fit for a Queen. Oh sorry, “kween”.

All rights reserved by Dolce & Gabbana

As the finale drew closer, the designs got more and more decadent. These floral textures are something else.

All rights reserved by Dolce & Gabbana

I love the jewelry and the accessories at this show too. Not to mention the embroidery; peep those details.

All rights reserved by Dolce & Gabbana

Dolce & Gabbana have been putting out more and more printed dresses; sometimes they’re floral, a few seasons ago the print was pasta, but this season, golfish is gucci.

All rights reserved by Dolce & Gabbana

The card motifs came out in full force for the finale dresses. For the finale walk, all the models were dressed in black… undergarments? No doubt these would look great with a tulle dress on top.

All rights reserved by Au Jour Le Jour

Au Jour Le Jour is another show I look forward to each and every season. By the looks of it, the neutral, denim, and dorky glasses trends won’t be going anywhere next spring and summer.

All rights reserved by Au Jour Le Jour

Lo and behold; the first look here is, in my opinion, the best look of Fashion Month so far. That’s right; Paris Fashion Week, you better bring your A-game.

All rights reserved by Philosophy

According to Philosophy, the look for SS18 is Cannes yacht girl. And I’m okay with that; I don’t know if the culture the Cannes yacht girls became famous for is still all that thriving. You know, where they hook up with directors in order to get roles in films. Anyway, I digress. This collection is so much classier than the dark underbelly of the Cannes Film Festival.

All rights reserved by Philosophy

Several years ago when I first got into the fashion industry, mint green was the biggest thing ever for spring. Philosophy is bringing it back and maintaining the millennial pink trend all at the same time.

All rights reserved by Philosophy

Looking at this makes me want to get on a boat.

All rights reserved by Philosophy

The pops of red throughout this show made each look. I love the lipstick, belts, dresses, and those red pleather shorts.

All rights reserved by Philosophy

As the show wound down, the colours became more muted. These black and gray designs have a nautical underpining, but mostly they’re just goals.

Thanks for checking out all of my favourite collections from Milan! Keep posted for my recap of Paris Fashion Week. I’d love to hear what you think; feel free to leave a comment here or find me on Instagram!

Top Collections from London Fashion Week

It’s that time of year again; prestigious fashion houses from all over the world are dropping their latest collections in tandem with all the other designers in their particular cities. The latest fashion week to wrap was in London and I have the highlights.

What would London Fashion Week be without an amazing new Topshop Unique collection?

All rights reserved by Topshop Unique

For spring and summer 2018, Topshop Unique dropped these Old Hollywood influenced designs. That means you can look but you can’t touch; these pieces will be in stores when the snow melts. For those of you who don’t have snow yet, sorry for reminding you.

All rights reserved by Topshop Unique

This collection is right on trend. There’s no shortage of millennial pink, marvellous embroidery, and magnificent party frocks. The pastel blues and pinks are perfect for spring.

All rights reserved by Topshop Unique

These finale dresses also happen to be slip dresses. That says it loud and clear; Topshop has no intention of relinquishing the Instagram throne.

All rights reserved by Temperley London

The retro feels continued on strong at Temperley London. The high waists and cute head scarves were accentuated with pops of red and black.

All rights reserved by Temperley London

I’m a little partial towards vintage vibes, but even from a modern stance, it’s hard to deny the awesomeness of this collection. I love the pastel tones for spring and summer, especially the mint green. Not to mention that sparkly sequin dress on the end. What is going on over there? I do not know, but I sure want to find out. And one thing is for certain; the pale pink trend won’t be going anywhere next spring.

All rights reserved by Temperley London

Eveningwear sure doesn’t fly off the shelves like streetwear does, but the minds behind Temperley London are confident in these designs; and rightfully so. Each of these gowns is a pure work of art.

All rights reserved by Christopher Kane

Christopher Kane dropped his interpretation of SS18, and as with everything, he did it with style. The pastel tones continued here but with some bold black contrast – in the details, and as statement pieces alike. These unique fabrics and interesting reworkings make this collection a memorable one for me.

All rights reserved by Christopher Kane

I think I can safely predict that pale pink, vintage vibes, and frilly white frocks will be big for SS18. Especially when paired with a punky leather jacket.

All rights reserved by Christopher Kane

Just look at these. I can’t believe the details and the layering here. Decadent, and perfect for spring. I usually go for gold jewelry over silver, but I love the silver accents here. It goes so well with the black, white, and pink.

All rights reserved by Christopher Kane

I can dig this interpretation of the slip dress trend. I like the deconstructed cardigans too.

If all these slip dresses have you double checking that you’re not watching the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, just wait until you see the latest Julien Macdonald collection.

All rights reserved by Julien Macdonald

For spring and summer 2018, Julien Macdonald fully endorses wearing less and going out more. It’ll be warm, so you won’t need to wear as much; hell, leave as little to the imagination as possible. Make a game out of it! Then make it fashion. That’s what this Julien Macdonald collection is to me.

All rights reserved by Julien Macdonald

All jokes aside, this is better than the last few Victoria’s Secret Fashion Shows. Just hear me out; there’s significantly less Instagram models, the vibe is old school sexy like VS was back in the good old days, and there’s serious bombshells walking in this show. Get these girls some wings and we’re good to go.

All rights reserved by Julien Macdonald

You can’t tell me these outfits aren’t better than most Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show outfits these days.

All rights reserved by Julien Macdonald

If Victoria’s Secret made gowns maybe this is what they would look like. Then again, if this lingerie is better than VS, who’s to say the VS gowns would be better than this?

All rights reserved by Ralph and Russo

Ralph and Russo had Instagram completely shook with these flirty, floral designs. And the colour palette is perfect for spring; I’m loving how Ralph and Russo does baby blue for spring 2018.

All rights reserved by Ralph and Russo

They do pastel pink pretty well too. And they took a risk and made a bright yellow dress and a black floor-length gown for spring and summer; but it works.

All rights reserved by Ralph and Russo

Even these dark blue hues work for spring. I love the hemlines and the fabric.

All rights reserved by Ralph and Russo

I don’t know if I’d wear these darker designs during the spring or summer, but I still like them.

All rights reserved by Ralph and Russo

Peep these finale gowns though. I have no words.


I’m not sure if Thornton Bregazzi took a cue from Fendi’s red boots for FW17 but I’m digging this anyway. I love the embroidered red A on the outfits For those of you who haven’t seen Easy A, it’s a reference to The Scarlet Letter which is a really old book. A lady is ordered to stitch an A on all her clothes to indicate that she is an adulterer. In Easy A, a teenager does the same thing to prove a point. I love the idea behind it, and the designs are great-looking too.

All rights reserved by Preen by Thornton Bregazzi

I’m wild about these dreamy dresses, but I’m not sure if I’m wild about the hair. Sometimes it works, but other times it looks like the model just got out of the pool. Either way, I really like the hats here too.

All rights reserved by Preen by Thornton Bregazzi


The finale drew back to the Scarlet Letter theme. I love how the A is incorporated subtly in the finale dresses, instead of being obnoxiously stitched on. I also love this red for spring. So beautiful.

Well, next up is Milan Fashion Week. Stay tuned for my next recap!





What You Missed at NYFW SS18

If you’re like me, you’ve been enjoying the first week of fashion month watching the shows on your computer from the comfort of your own home. Turns out you can’t just show them how many Instagram followers you have and get let in! Since I ditched the commute, I actually had the time to look through all the shows and pick out my favourite looks. You can keep scrolling to see them all, but for now; Spring 2018 seems like a long way away, so lets look at something a little more appropriate for this season.



All rights reserved by Coach

It might look like a fall collection, but this is Coach SS18. With ’30s and ’70s vibes, this collection was dropped on a runway of glitter in a New York alleyway. Coach has been represented by some major celebrities as of late, going with subtle Old Hollywood underpinnings this season is an obvious, yet appealing choice.

A little something else I like for SS18 that also happens to be fall-appropriate is Wendy Nichol.



All rights reserved by Wendy Nichol

There are plenty of pieces I really like from this collection, but these two dresses really stand out. Here they are in all their glory. It looks like something from the 1800’s but edgier. Can you say Westworld?

All rights reserved by FentyxPuma

You could certainly wear these hoodies and pants for fall, but this collection is Rihanna’s latest interpretation of spring and summer fashion. She just dropped Fenty Beauty, but that doesn’t mean FentyxPuma is going anywhere. With Motocross racers jumping and flipping in the background, it’s hard to imagine this brand slowing down any time soon.

All rights reserved by Alena Akhmadullina

This designer might be from Moscow, but that didn’t stop her from taking cultural motifs from all over the world and showing them in New York; and she did it all in a refreshing way. Alena Akhmadullina knows what the Game of Thrones ladies would be wearing if there were Instagram in Westeros.

All rights reserved by Rodarte

Speaking of Insta-ready evening wear, my explore page was completely flooded with the designs from this Rodarte collection for the first day or so after it dropped. And why wouldn’t it be; these looks are delicate, feminine, and spring-appropriate.

All rights reserved by Rodarte

Rodarte has been slaying the game for years now, but people really started taking recognition after this show. The models look like queens.

All rights reserved by Reem Acra

This Reem Acra collection was chock-full of stuffy evening wear, but included a few desirable pieces for millennial Instagram queens too.

All rights reserved by Marchesa

The creative geniuses at Marchesa know that evening wear is going out, and street style is in. They blended the best of both worlds and out came these decadent design. I can’t wait to see these dresses in editorials.

All rights reserved by Marchesa

Each of these gowns is a complete work of art. I can’t imagine how many thousands of hours New York interns spent putting this all together; and you can bet they’ve already got a start on next season.

All rights reserved by Marchesa

The second red dress is like the 2017 version of my grad dress. I also love the ’20s style feathers and bling on the second-last dress.

All rights reserved by Marchesa

Can you tell I really like all of these Marchesa dresses?

All rights reserved by Anna Sui

Anna Sui, who usually makes decadent, high-end evening gowns, toned it down for SS18. These indie boho designs will no doubt become all the rage by the time festival season rolls around again.

All rights reserved by Anna Sui

Some of you might know this show as the show where Gigi lost a shoe and Bella helped her down the runway for the finale; how cute is that.

All rights reserved by Alexander Wang

Among some of the cutest streetwear this NYFW was delivered by Alexander Wang at #WangFest; his rock-star-reminiscent show where models began their walks by stepping out of a giant tour bus. The slip-style party frocks donned by Kaia Gerber, Bella Hadid, and Kendall Jenner were all over Instagram for days.

All rights reserved by Alice + Olivia

Alice + Olivia are known for making hype-worthy streetwear without all the gimmicks. The designers behind this brand are ahead of the Instagram curve, and in more ways than one. Not only do they have a solid handle on the budding bell-bottom trend, but they’re proving that no one else does ’60s and ’70s style better. Not in New York, anyways.

All rights reserved by Alice + Olivia

By the looks of it, the floral and the festival chic trends aren’t going anywhere this spring.

All the looks I’ve discussed so far have received major hype, deservingly so. Here are some looks it seems like no one’s talking about.

All rights reserved by Vetements

People can’t get enough of Alexander Wang, and I’m here showing this Vetements collection to anyone who will listen like “THIS is fashion! Can you believe this is fashion? I’m a fashion blogger and I can hardly believe this is fashion.” I’ve been talking about this, but why aren’t we talking about this?

All rights reserved by Vetements

This deserves to get talked about. What did the director say to these models before these were taken? I can hardly imagine. “Nuclear family with 2.5 kids but then make it fashion”.

All rights reserved by Vetements

Some of these looks are genuinely good. I love that red duster on the bottom row here. But the shoes… and the pose and the expression of the two guys on either side of her… Vetements, what are you doing to me?

All rights reserved by Vetements

For those of you who do not know, vetements is a French word that means “clothes”. The French brand, Vetements, have based their brand off this; making just clothes.

All rights reserved by Vetements

It might be “just clothes” to them, but to me, any one of these items of clothing could pay my mortgage for three months. And are those knife boots? Those sure look like Balenciaga knife boots.

All rights reserved by Calvin Klein

There’s a lot more that went down at NYFW for SS18, and many more collections I absolutely love and can’t wait to share… stay tuned for more!


3 Shows During the First Fashion Month of 2017 that Reminded Me of my Childhood

Fashion week isn’t something that normally comes to mind when we think about our childhoods; nevertheless, these three designer collections reminded me of mine. From bunny rabbit motifs to soft pastels to playful vibes on set, they took a more lighthearted approach to the first fashion month of 2017.

At London Fashion Week, Peter Jensen delivered this quirky collection of desirable basics and preppy pantsuits.

All rights reserved by Peter Jensen

This collection not only represents the perfect mix of slouchy and structure, but a few key pieces deliver a certain sense of nostalgia. I don’t know about you, but in the ’90s before I had reached double digits, wearing capri-cut leggings and dresses were my jam.

All rights reserved by Peter Jensen

Peter Jensen has been around designing innovative fashion for about fifteen years. This collection is like the “Greatest Hits” of his run. What can be expected from the designer in years to come? Stay tuned for more.

All rights reserved by Peter Jensen

Between the cute leggings and boxy silhouettes, this is giving me all kinds of ’90s vibes.

During Paris Fashion Week, Mira Mikati dropped this lookbook instead of hosting a traditional runway presentation.

All rights reserved by Mira Mikati

It looks like summer camp memories at first, but there’s a story behind these designs. The militaristic motifs pay homage to a recent showdown between protesting dentists and cops (that’s right – if you want to know more, head over to the Mira Mikati coverage at Vogue).

All rights reserved by Acne Studios

This season, Acne Studios went with a traditional runway presentation despite this trend changing for most other designers. This collection is about imperfect femininity, and a yearning for innocent times.

The patchwork motifs hint towards a larger narrative behind these designs. According to the designer, this collection was inspired by a culture of homemade finger puppets for children that were popular in Europe from the mid 1910’s to the early 1920’s.

Four Designers at NYFW Who Were Inspired by Modern Art

During the first fashion month of 2017, plenty of designers debuted artistic collections; from gowns that look like they belong in renaissance paintings to edgy avante garde experiments, the influence of the art world is still very much alive in high fashion. This season, four designers at New York Fashion Week debuted collections that were inspired by modern art.

The designers at the helm of PH5 opted to drop this lookbook instead of a traditional runway presentation.


PH5 are known for their exuberant knitwear, and this season they proved complete mastery over the tricky fabric. It's about post-structuralism – taking something symmetrical and structured and making it into something new.


Lisa Perry delivered this lookbook that is chock full of crisp lines and primary colours. I think when most people think of modern art, oversized shapes in the primary colours come to mind.


Perry took it a step further by creating some really interesting Kandinsky-like marks all over both silky separates and bouncing ballgowns. According to the designer, this collection is about creating happiness in the face of despair; in this unpredictable post-election political climate, enormous swaths of non-white, non-male, and/or non-cisgender individuals are feeling more hopeless than ever.


This season, 3.1 Phillip Lim was flamboyant, fanciful, and for the woman who visits art galleries.


This Pamella Roland collection is all about – and this is a direct quote from the designer – "superhero chic". To those not familiar with the intricacies of this genre, this looks more like frothy evening wear than something a modern-day heroine might don.

That ’70s Blog

Several weeks ago, I blogged about decade fashion and delivered examples of some of the best collections inspired by particular decades. I had no problem picking out examples for each decade; the ’20’, ’30’, ’40s… but the ’70s? So many designers dropped ’70s inspired collections during the first fashion month of 2017 that I could hardly keep up. As promised, here are all the FW17 collections from Milan, New York, Paris, and London that were inspired by the grooviest decade of all.

During Paris Fashion Week, Vika Gazinskaya debuted this lookbook instead of a traditional runway presentation.

All rights reserved by Vika Gazinskaya

This collection is mainly ’70s influenced but with early ’80s undertones. Paris Fashion Week is known for avante garde designs, and these are no exception.

All rights reserved by Redemption

The creative geniuses at the helm of Redemption dropped this tongue-in-cheek collection that was inspired by the punk scene in London during the 1970s. If this show was in London, it might have looked slightly less avante garde, but this is Paris Fashion Week baby. Even the punky getups you wish you owned in the 8th grade are glamorous.

All rights reserved by Redemption

Like many designers at NYFW, this designer has recently become disenchanted with the American government. These designs are slightly politically driven, but have no direct focus – not unlike many collections this season.

All rights reserved by Redemption

But Redemption isn’t about mindless rebellion; according to the designer, this is about activism. I guess it’s hard not to take center stage in one of these shimmery gowns. Are we all getting the memo about plunging necklines this season?

All rights reserved by Miu Miu

Miu Miu was not only one of my favourite ’70s inspired shows this season, but it was one of my favourite shows in general. In case you’re wondering, no, that’s not real fur; this Old Hollywood inspired collection features lots of cheesy fake fur and motifs from the ’70s and ’40s alike.

All rights reserved by Miu Miu

According to the designers at the helm of Miu Miu, we face an unpredictable future in our current political climate. This is about prepping ourselves glamorously for whatever is to come. Also, peep Kiki Williams on the far left in the fuzzy hat; I can’t help but be reminded of a certain Mario Bros. character.

All rights reserved by Miu Miu

If you recognize this collection, that’s because it’s been everywhere. From the cover of September American Vogue to a glamorous campaign starring Kate Moss, Miu Miu are a force to be reckoned with this season.

During NYFW, which takes place before Paris Fashion Week, Rachel Zoe debuted her FW17 collection in LA. Why LA and not New York? In the world of fashion, some might argue that rules were meant to be broken.

All rights reserved by Rachel Zoe

According to Rachel Zoe, LA was the obvious option as it “feels like home”. Home was part of the conceptualization behind these designs as well; like Miu Miu, Rachel Zoe is returning to glamour in the face of an unpredictable future.

Back at New York Fashion Week, the Chloe team debuted See FW17.

All rights reserved by See by Chloe

In the fashion world, Chloe are known for their Instagram-savvy tactics and a lead designer who retired shortly after this show. This company might be in store for a period of change and turbulence, much like the political stage in the country it calls home.

All rights reserved by See by Chloe

See by Chloe FW17 is exactly what you’d expect from a dedicated team of trend-watchers. From combat boots, to cute floral print, to handy fanny packs, this team is proving it has what it takes to remain a mainstay in the fashion industry.

All rights reserved by Raquel Allegra

Instead of putting on a traditional runway presentation, Raquel Allegra dropped this truly unique lookbook. It’s not as politically driven as some of the collections I’ve described so far; instead, the creative geniuses at Raquel Allegra drew their inspiration from Japanese animation. You could say the muse this season is the Belladonna of Sadness – a character archetype among many others in anime.

All rights reserved by BY. Bonnie Young

BY. Bonnie Young delivered this grungey take on the ’70s trend. This season, grunge meets the 1970s meets post-apocalypse meets avante garde.

All rights reserved by BY. Bonnie Young

According to the designer, the actual aesthetic behind this is wet surfaces and puddles in decayed places.

All rights reserved by Katie Eary

Collections like this have me begging one question; is orange the new black? This season, Katie Eary strictly investigated all shades of what I like to call ’70s orange. Whether it be burnt umber, autumn leaf orange, dusty beige, or neon orange silk, it’s like Katie Eary travelled back in time and picked her palette from a 1970’s Home Depot.

All jokes aside, according to the designer this is about feminism and glamorous strip clubs.

Rebecca Minkoff took a less kitschy and more contemporary approach to the ’70s trend.

All rights reserved by Rebecca Minkoff

Like Chloe, Rebecca Minkoff is known for being consistently ahead of the Instagram curve. And by investing heavily in the street style trend this season, this brand proves it’ll do what it takes to stay ahead.