Is Orange the New Black?

Or will black always be safer? It seems unfair to reduce the following collections to an orange is the new black joke, but the motif is so obvious that poking fun is nearly impossible.

At Spring 2017 Couture, Atelier Versace unveiled a collection that was outwardly based on this principle. At NYFW, plenty of designers incorporated orange into the atmosphere of their presentation. Four designers masterfully reinterpreted this trend for the ready-to-wear market.

All rights reserved by Dion Lee

Dion Lee‘s collection says it loud and clear: orange is the new black, new beige, new everything. Want to give the impression that you’ve been following fashion without having to try too hard? Add a pop of orange (disclaimer: this is not actually my own fashion advice).

All rights reserved by Katie Gallagher

I tend to associate the colour orange with shag carpets from the 1970s, but Katie Gallagher‘s collection is unashamedly futuristic. It’s as if she’s passionate about the longevity of orange as a market demand; not only is orange the new black, but it’s here to stay.

All rights reserved by Nicholas K

Nicholas K best reconciled futuristic and vintage vibes in his collection. To me, this combination of metallics, oranges, boho headbands and loose fabrics screams “space gypsy”. However, according to the designer, this collection is inspired by 90s hip-hop.

All rights reserved by Katie Eary

Katie Eary drew her inspiration this year from the long-lost era of glamorous strip clubs. This downright retro collection is straight up loungewear goals. Why wear real clothes when you can wear your pajamas? If these outfits ever become considered work-appropriate, I can die happy.

We saw the trend first from Atelier Versace, but these ready-to-wear looks might be able to convince the mainstream that orange is indeed the new black. Time will tell whether orange makes a splash on the street style scene, or if it’s merely a fad.


Sharp at Both Ends

Even the best needles aren’t sharp at both ends; that’s an old Chinese proverb meaning that if you strive for perfection, you’re likely missing the big picture and not making yourself as useful as you could be. Like many proverbs, this one is applicable to many different facets of life and existence. These shows from Spring 2017 Couture in Paris readily demonstrate why perfection is boring.

At Elie Saab, the look was red carpet perfection in the shapes and shades of Old Hollywood.

All rights reserved by Elie Saub

Which is great, but I can’t come up with anything else to say about it. It’s okay, but it’s not my favourite Elie Saab collection of all time. If you achieve perfection, then what are you going to do for an encore?

All rights reserved by Ralph and Russo

The biggest mistake designers made this season was setting their sights on red carpet perfection and neglecting to explore the other ways in which women dream.

All rights reserved by Alexandre Vauthier

Elie Saab and Zuhair Murad are known for their cutting edge designs, but their Spring 2017 Couture collections were both so mainstream this year.

All rights reserved by Zuhair Murad

The Versace line was also guilty of being a little too perfect, but is interesting to me because they opted for a lookbook instead of a runway show. I love this look because it’s like the haute couture version of the Little Mermaid. This alternative is becoming all the rage, and I really respect the models who are able to slay these looks.

All rights reserved by Versace

The Ulyana Sergeenko collection is for the woman who likes to take a few risks, like having their couture show in a circus tent. Not like that’s a bad thing, I’m all for creativity and innovation.

All rights reserved by Ulyana Sergeenko

It’s like Westworld meets 1950s – which is great, except we already saw that at Valentino Pre-Fall and in Berlin.

Viktor & Rolf took the most daring approach to Spring 2017 Couture week.






Top 10 Trendiest Shows at Paris Fashion Week

Ah, Paris Fashion Week. Considered the pinnacle of Fashion Month, fashion week in Paris has a reputation for delivering glamour and innovation alike. The streetwear trend all but dominated the scene in New York, London, Milan, and Paris. Street style is supposed to be casual, but these Parisian collections are truly trendy enough for a scene-stealing starlet.

10. Longchamp

All rights reserved by Longchamp

“Casual” and “scene-stealing” might not seem like they belong in the same sentence. However, this Longchamp collection proves otherwise. This is about structure, efficiency, and casual luxury.; it’s for the organized, stylish, model off duty.

9. Alexis Mabille

All rights reserved by Alexis Mabille

Wearing a long shirt, tall boots, and no pants hit the mainstream in 2016. It didn’t take long for this trend to grow legs (no pun intended), and now the fashion industry has given it a name. Don’t get me wrong, people have been lampshading for years – but now it seems like every designer is here to grab a piece of the pie.

Alexis Mabille showed off her dedication to lampshading in this Fall/Winter collection, rooting it in two trends that have been tried, tested, and true. With the upcoming release of the live action Beauty and the Beast movie, that shimmery gold ballgown reminds me only of Belle. The slouchy blue dresses and psudeo French maid outfit also lend hints towards the Disney classic. Metallic shoes are also proving to have some longevity in the fashion industry, and this is the first time I’m seeing metallic boots on the lampshade template.

8. A.P.C.

All rights reserved by A.P.C.

No pants? No worries. The trend continued at A.P.C. with denim playing an interesting role. Sure, denim makes a great pant, but this designer is more interested in experimenting with the versatile fabric. Turns out, it makes for great staples and accent pieces alike.

7. Y/Project

All rights reserved by Y/Project

I’m a girl who loves denim, and I love seeing it reworked in so many different ways. This collection by Y/Project exhibits complete mastery over the denim trend and the shoe game. According to my calculations, we’ll be seeing those thigh-high boots courtside within a month.

6. Alexandre Vauthier

All rights reserved by Alexandre Vauthier

More and more designers are opting out of a traditional runway showcase in favor of a lookbook presentation. I don’t know whether I was more surprised to see Alexandre Vauthier opt out of a runway show, or to see Bella Hadid slay this editorial like a complete pro. Whether you love her for her tenacity or you hate her for her facial reconstruction, Bella is one of the most in-demand models of the year. Lookbooks provide an opportunity for the designer to show specific details within the collection, but they require a skilled editorial model to do the job of a dozen or more runway models. Pulling this off without boring your audience is one thing, but changing a Bella-indifferent into a Bella-stan? Props to Vauthier on this one.

5. Rodarte


All rights reserved by Rodarte

Rodarte are ahead of the Instagram curve and above political low blows. At the heart of this collection are the complexities of mortality. To lighten it up a little – the designers at Rodarte were inspired by the 1950s novel Charlotte’s Web. For those of you who haven’t read the book, it is a heartwarming childrens’ classic about a barnyard friendship between a spider and a pig. The pig learns he is destined for slaughter, and the spider designs increasingly complex webs in order to distract the humans from carrying out his fate. The spider saves the pig, births a new generation of spiders, and dies. Heartwarming.

Metaphorically speaking, this collection is made up of spiders and pigs. The black, lacy garments represent fate, and the pale pink pieces represent hope. Although the spider dies at the end of the novel, her children live on to make friends with the pig. Our fates may be inevitable, but our memories can live on.

If my mom were to review this collection, she would say “are you sure those cover enough? They look like they’re about to fall off.” Although this collection might not illicit much concern from millennials, these clothes certainly look a little more temporary than what you might pick up at the mall. This, however, is for a reason; none of us are anything but temporary, so why shouldn’t our clothes be?

4. Carven

All rights reserved by Carven

This type of presentation is becoming more and more popular; it exists in that liminal space between a fashion show and a photo shoot. The usual editors and writers are still invited to interrogate the designer, but they get to see the clothes in a very up-close, personal setting. It’s not a fashion show, it’s not a photo shoot; the model exists only in situ. Carven delivered one of the best in situ lookbooks of the season. These designers are tapped into all kinds of trends, from celebrity street style to the feeds of Instagram micro-bloggers. However, this collection still feels timeless.

3. Juan Carlos Obando

All rights reserved by Juan Carlos Obando

Natural light? GASP! Why invite seagulls to interrupt your own showcase? The reason this Juan Carlos Obando collection places so high on the list is because more designers should be doing just that. These clothes speak for themselves. As most designers shy away from evening wear, Juan Carlos Obando embraces the world of lingerie slips and luxury gowns.

The long, billowing fabric in deep jewel shades and pastels alike barely allow gorgeous suede boots to peek out and – what’s this? – nearly every look here is some variation of a lampshade. In case you haven’t noticed, I’m obsessed with lampshading, and I was quite pleasantly surprised at the amount of designers that incorporated this silhouette into their collections. The only reason this collection didn’t place higher on my list is because we’ve still got two heavy-hitters yet to come.

2. Barbara Bui

All rights reserved by Barbara Bui

Barbara Bui is rebranding. The fashion industry is changing, and designers must adapt to the times. In a market that is oversaturated with street style, launching a streetwear collection has become a bold choice again. Just when it seems like it’s all been done before, Barbara Bui shows us she’s a force to be reckoned with. These unique designs are seriously eye catching, and oh-so Instagram worthy.

  1. Back
All rights reserved by Back

My absolute favourite ready-to-wear collection of Paris Fashion Week was Back. This reminds me of a junior high school dance, a nightmare about forgetting to wear pants, and my street style goals for 2017 all at the same time. And I thought couture was supposed to make women dream.

This style of photography is called lo-fi, and my favourite musical genre borrows the same name. Opting out of HD photography allows the audience to fill in those fuzzy pixels with their own imaginations. This collection takes modern street essentials and distorts them into something familiar, yet unfamiliar. This collection takes elements of things we’ve seen before, and translates them into modernity.

Vintage Vibes at Milan Fashion Week

It seems like every year, a new period of decade fashion comes back into style. This year at fashion weeks all over the world, designers took cues from the 40s to the 90s, sometimes mashing up iconic pieces to create something completely new. Nostalgia has fueled every aspect of the human experience as of late, from politics to popular culture. In a world where the two are becoming increasingly interconnected, nostalgia has earned a very interesting place in the fashion industry.

There’s no doubt in my mind that Milan did it best. These retro collections outdid their American, British, and French counterparts by cutting back on the gimmicks and refocusing on the quality of the clothes. By boasting everything from extravagant re-purposed garments to models wrapped in layers of rich Italian fabrics, these 14 collections had me googling “cheap flights to Italy” faster than you can say “Mamma, mi passa le polpette”.

14. Bally

All rights reserved by Bally

Bally are famous for shoes and accessories, but took a bit of a different turn this season. Ambiguous retro vibes, quirky details, and a Barney-inspired colour scheme makes this Fall Winter 2017 collection one-of-a-kind.

13. Neil Barrett

All rights reserved by Neil Barrett

Neil Barrett turned to his freewheeling college days for inspiration. In the early 1980s, he was immersing himself in the London punk scene. This collection is like a grown-up version of the subculture he loved so much; minimalism and colourblocking give these pieces a modern edge.

12. Arthur Arbesser

All rights reserved by Arthur Arbesser

Before I knew it, I noticed the 1980s were making a huge comeback at Milan. Arthur Arbesser‘s take on the decade is through the lens of Wings of Desire, a film about earth angels in Berlin. Big, avante garde shoulders were a staple during this time period.

11. Etro

All rights reserved by Etro

Etro stuck with the safer 1960s and 70s vibes in this collection. Instead of depending on American fashion during those decades, this was inspired by cultural motifs and symbols across space and time.

10. Marni

All rights reserved by Marni

Marni‘s take on the 1970s was more based on structure and rich Italian fabrics. The pieces get more and more textured as the show progresses.

9. Krizia

All rights reserved by Krizia

For Krizia, the 80s and 90s were a heyday. Under the leadership of a new CEO hailing originally from China, Krizia took risks this season and it paid off. This is the perfect mixture between slouchy and structured. The minimalism in this collection makes it look far too grown up for teeny-boppers.

8. Diesel Black Gold

All rights reserved by Diesel Black Gold

Diesel aren’t known for serving up vintage vibes. The 90s don’t seem like they were so long ago, but they do inspire a certain nostalgia among some Millennials. “Only 90s kids will get it” is their proud proclamation. While most people understand the concept of grunge regardless of their childhood, this collection is a soft and romantic version of that.


All rights reserved by MSGM

90s vibes are in, and they have been for a while. This MSGM collection is inspired by television series Twin Peaks, which aired in the early 90s and has garnered a cult following. The series is being rebooted this year, although it will still remain heavily rooted in nostalgia. However, I’ve seen the show and I have no idea how this is supposed to tie back to it. Owls, trees, and high school letter jackets are pretty big motifs throughout the series, but that’s the only connection this English major can make here. To me, it almost looks interchangeable with Stranger Things.

6. No. 21

All rights reserved by No. 21

I’ve seen a lot of fashion shows this month, but this No. 21 collection lingered in my memory for days after. It looks like streetwear, but it’s too quirky for today’s red carpet starlets. I like too many details about this show to list here, but I’ll at least point out my favourites:

  • Outfit 1: That man shirt sticking out of the bottom of the shorts is everything;
  • Outfits 3-5: These brooch details are giving me life;
  • Outfit 6: I have a sweater exactly like that and now I want to wear it like that;
  • Outfit 7: Yes, that is an undershirt. Yes, it’s supposed to be that short;
  • Outfit 8: Oh, bow.

5. Bottega Veneta


All rights reserved by Bottega Veneta

Bottega Veneta played it safe this year and still managed to impress. Although he denies that this collection is 1940s-inspired, it is giving me 40s vibes up the wazoo. Veneta may be shy to associate himself with the 40s, as things were politically tumultuous in most of Europe, including Italy, during this time. This collection is beautiful, but I can’t imagine it being less beautiful if Veneta embraced history instead of running from it. Nevertheless, this is a beautiful, polished collection fit for a lady.

4. Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini

All rights reserved by Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini

1980s vibes are making a major comeback and Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini does it best. This collection delivers something much greater than those horrible 1980s prom dresses; girls who listen to The Cure and look up to Elizabeth Taylor will flock to these frocks.

3. Vivetta

All rights reserved by Vivetta

Furs are always huge in Milan, but this year, nearly every other collection took a stab at animal print. Animal print is great because it is suitable for nearly every season, but over these last few years, leopard-print jackets have been all the rage. The jury is still out on whether Vivetta did it best, but they certainly did an excellent job at embracing those vintage vibes. This hyper-feminine collection’s take on vintage vibes borrows elements of fantasy, nostalgia, and Italian luxury. The only thing that’s missing is a back view of that long black fur overcoat.

2. Stella Jean

All rights reserved by Stella Jean

Stella Jean‘s Fall Winter 2017 collection is doubly rooted in nostalgia and politics. Instead of focusing on one specific decade in fashion, this collection explores the Cold War – an American narrative that inspires and perpetuates foreign relations to this day. American military dress and Russian peasant mufti are juxtaposed in order to make us ask ourselves what the relations between those two countries are really like today. Social media rumors of an alliance between Trump and Putin have been making the headlines since very early on in Trump’s campaign. In these politically tumultuous times, it is important to ask the tough questions.

  1. Luisa Beccaria
All rights reserved by Luisa Beccaria

Luisa Beccaria delivered the best vintage vibes. It reminds me of For Love and Lemons, but in opinion, this is better. Lets face it; party frocks are awesome. If I could, I would wear a party frock every day and for every occasion. If only “cute” were the universal dress code. Modern girls need more than just party frocks to make it in the world; pantsuits, structured overcoats, square shoulders, and other patriarchal symbols have become necessary wardrobe elements for girls trying to make it in a man’s world.

All rights reserved by Luisa Beccaria

Since when is style about following the rules? If we women really want to be seen as equals, we need to embrace our femininity instead of running away from it. Looking beautiful and comfortable is something that men cannot get away with as easily as we can, and we should celebrate that.

All rights reserved by Luisa Beccaria

This collection is a complete wardrobe for the girl who loves party frocks. If you love something, the cliches dictate you can set it free or let it kill you. More importantly, if you love something, you can embrace it and let it inform your human experience in a positive way. In these times of turmoil, we could all afford to be a little bit more like ourselves.



Top 5 Collections of London Fashion Week

In these uncertain political times, dissatisfaction with the administration has become the mainstream. At NYFW, it seemed like every other show was an obvious reaction to the election. For example, at Prabal Gurung, we saw plus-sized models, edgy androgyny, and Bella Hadid closing the show wearing a t-shirt that read “the future is female”. In the wake of women’s marches and social media scandals, it seems like the fashion industry forgot about Brexit.

All rights reserved by Prabal Gurung

Yes, Brexit is still happening. So why weren’t there any designers at London Fashion Week raging against the British machine? Because the American machine is louder. In comparison to us living in the North Americas, our European colonizers seem to have it together.

For years, the problems facing Americans have overshadowed other global events. So, not many London designers seem angry enough about Brexit. Then what is the current mood in the United Kingdom? They, like us, are looking towards our uncertain future through the lens of the past.

Five collections at London Fashion Week completely nailed the concept of a retro-meets-modern mash-up. It’s kind of like the Jetsons; the distant future, imagined by the present. Escaping into a fantasy can be one way to cope with these troubling times. It’s futuristic antiquity.

5. J.W. Anderson

All rights reserved by J.W. Anderson

J.W. Anderson‘s Fall Winter 2017 relies on avante garde to create escape from the This collection seems to be asking two questions, striking a delicate balance between them: to understand “what will the ‘it’ girls be wearing in the near future?” and “what would modern sci-fi look like on the runway?”, look no further. I don’t know about you, but I see Princess Leia in the look second from the left and Khaleesi in the look second from the right. It’s uber-feminine utility.

4. Emilio de la Morena

All rights reserved by Emilio de la Morena

Emilio de la Morena took the futuristic vibes in a slightly different direction. Plenty of designers mashed up retro and modern vibes this season, but the really successful ones do it differently; by mashing up retro silhouettes and fabrics with modern details and setting, Emilio de la Morena has created a look that is entirely unique, not to mention functional. Here we have the basic wardrobe essentials for a trendy millennial who finds herself in a forward-thinking work environment: the pantsuit, the work dress, the party dress, and the oversized coat are a few.

3. Le Kilt

All rights reserved by Le Kilt

Le Kilt presented a collection that was ripe with retro vibes and futuristic details. By opting for a lookbook shoot instead of a traditional runway presentation, Le Kilt is staying ahead of the curve.

2. Versus Versace


All rights reserved by Versus Versace


Donatella Versace took a bold risk with this Versus Versace collection. By pairing 80s-inspired hair and makeup with futuristic, edgy clothes, this collection does a great job of capturing futuristic antiquity. Going with the 1980s’ vibe is a brash choice; the 80s aren’t exactly experiencing a comeback in fashion. But somehow, this collection pulls it off.

All rights reserved by Versus Versace

Versace aren’t known for making bold strides against the mainstream. For example, this show’s star-studded lineup, complete with Hadid sandwich (Gigi opening, Bella closing), really speaks more to the TV-watching audience than the streaming one. However, lots of the models in this show go against the industry standard; some of the supermodels they cast are older and sport more fillers than their fresh-faced counterparts. No matter how anyone feels about it, the fashion industry is changing. Age, plastic surgery, and gender are starting to matter less on the runway every year. Having a perfect figure is still essential to the aspiring model, but who knows how much longer that will be the standard for.

  1. Huishan Zhang

All rights reserved by Huishan Zhang

Huishan Zhang completely blew the competition out of the water with this one. The five-year old, self-titled brand retrieved elements of antiquity and redesigned them for the modern age. Many collections are inspired by a particular decade in fashion, but this goes beyond that. There are silhouettes and details from the 1800s to the 1960s, with a twist so modern it’s hard to put a finger on.

All rights reserved by Huishan Zhang

All of these looks are so Instagrammable that it’s hard to believe the brand only has ~1,500 followers. The things I wouldn’t do to bring that fuzzy coat on the right to my feed. Huishan Zhang are known in the fashion world for their super-frilly, ultra-girlie looks, but this season has a particular quirkiness to it.

All rights reserved by Huishan Zhang

I never thought I’d crave a live-action Jetsons remake, but if Netflix made it and Huishan Zhang designed the costumes, I’d be there for it. With the impending doom of the world’s political systems, there’s never been a better time for a little escapism. Maybe once Brexit starts wreaking some havoc on the collective consciousness, we’ll get a little more edge from London Fashion Week.

10 NYFW Designers Who Did it Before it Was Cool

Fashion, like most other man-made phenomena, is dynamic through space and time. Certain “looks” become popular within specific societies and fade from their collective consciousness every month, every day, and every year. In the 1920s, “the look” was that of a glitzy flapper. In the 1950s, it was an obedient housewife. In the ’90s, it was grunge. As the internet became more pervasive in society, mainstream fashion became more intertwined with exotic cultures and subculture than ever before.

In my opinion, mainstream fashion in the present day draws heavily on hipster fashion. In the early days of the internet, being the first one of your friends to discover a new trend was a big deal. Now, admitting to liking anything before it was cool will get you made fun of at parties, but it will gain you pretentious and worldly friends.

By definition, a hipster is someone who looks like a hipster but rejects being labelled as a hipster. They have a reputation for introducing beards, plaid, and quirky fashion into mainstream society. But when everyone’s a hipster, where are the actual hipsters? They’re in little cafes and speakeasys listening to music you haven’t heard of yet. At NYFW, these 10 designers showed us what a hipster looks like in 2017.


Minimalism? Check. Oversized menswear-inspired essentials? Check. Patterns that give off serious vintage vibes? Check. Most importantly, these pieces are are rich with different textures and fabrics. According to the designer, fall is all about texture.


All rights reserved by Warm
Confession time: if I could replace my wardrobe with one collection from NYFW, I would choose this one. I’m a sucker for anything plaid and/or comfortable-looking.

8. TSE

All rights reserved by TSE
A good way to quickly check if something is hipstery or not is to show it to a conservative family member. If their reaction is that of confusion and bewilderment, you’re off to a good start; try and get them to put their reaction into words. If their subsequent description contains the words “from the future”, “something I’ve never seen before”, or “weird”, then you’ve got yourself something hipstery.


All rights reserved by Yeohlee
Caring about the environment is often considered hipstery. This collection by Yeohlee was designed and cut with such mathematical precision that no waste was produced. If humans intend to have a long future here on Earth, the future of fashion must be ethical.


All rights reserved by Haus Alkire
If your grandma would wear it, you can bet a hipster would too.


If your grandma would wear it, although she admits it’s got a futuristic strangeness to it, then you can consider it extra-hipstery.


All rights reserved by Whit
Colourblocking made the rare appearance at NYFW this year, but no one did it like Whit. This minimalistic take on the high-contrast trend is completely one of a kind.


All rights reserved by Khaite
You can call it what you want, but the hipster trend is rooted in neutrals like these. Khaite did the best job of taking trends and making them timeless.


All rights reserved by Edun
The fashion industry is changing. This raw, candid style is becoming more popular in the world of fashion photography. This year, Edun completely opted out of a runway presentation in favor of this editorial.


All rights reserved by Rosie Assoulin
Rosie Assoulin did the best job of taking current trends and making them her own. Her candid, quirky style is a breath of fresh air amongst the many brands who vie for attention from hipsters. This fun, whimsical collection is less stiff than her previous collections.

Top 10 Chicest Collections at NYFW 2017

Being chic in 2017 is about bravery, independence, and confidence. Chic is not explicitly political; chic is thinking for yourself. In New York, fashion and street style have become nearly synonymous. Nearly every designer opted to dress down the looks in response to market demands. However, every designer has a different interpretation of what exactly “street style” means. From girlie and glam to understated and strong, these ten NYFW designers did it best.


All rights reserved by Cinq a Sept

If streetwear is the look of the moment, I worry about the future of eveningwear. Plenty of designers attempt to reconcile the two, but in my opinion Cinq a Sept did the best job. If Fashion Week Jeopardy were a thing, I’d be screaming “what would a Disney princess wear in this new era of street style?”

This collection for fall and winter combines frothy decadence with clean lines. It’s the perfect marriage between dressed-down and dressed-up; reality meets whimsy. When our realities fail to satisfy our desires, we we can escape into fantasies. Fantasies can give us hope in these turbulent times.


All rights reserved by Cushnie et Ochs

Cushnie et Ochs debuted a line that is both chic and modern. Plenty of designers incorporate asymmetry into their collections, but few make it look this chic. These looks are ready to slay the red carpet and the glass ceiling.


All rights reserved by Victoria Beckham

It seems like just yesterday that preppy undertones translated to big sales. Nowadays, the preppy brands that have failed to evolve with the trends are invisible, and the ones that have managed to keep up are on the margins of fashion coverage. I was expecting the new Victoria Beckham line to coincide with the former, but I was pleasantly surprised to find it more resemble the latter.

Street style, Coachella, and hipster vibes have infiltrated the fashion market whether we like it or not. This collection has employed menswear-inspired essentials in order to adapt. Trying to reconcile classic preppy looks with ever-changing street style is not an easy task, but Victoria Beckham has pulled it off. These looks are timeless.


All rights reserved by Kate Spade New York

Kate Spade, on the other hand, took several dozen risks and they paid off. This collection was inspired by the “devil may care attitude” of 1920s women. In these turbulent times, we need strong women in the spotlight more than ever. Kate Spade took this political trope and made it non-threatening, yet daring, which could not be more chic.

The designer opted out of a traditional runway showcase, but opted in on quirky details and vintage vibes. These looks might be right on trend, but whether they’re timeless, well… time will tell.


Picture this: your squad have come back to life after a long Saturday night and are going for Sunday brunch, but you have nothing to wear and you’re too tired to coordinate an outfit. My advice? Wear a hat, minimal makeup, tights, and a dress. Not only will your friends be fooled into thinking you actually put effort into your appearance, but strangers will too.

What could be more chic than Sunday brunch? To celebrate all things that come before lunch, Lela Rose served up her latest collection alongside tea and crumpets in a quirky restaurant.


All rights reserved by Camilla and Marc

Minimalism is hot right now; let’s face it, If it’s Baroque, Don’t Fix It is not the name of Netflix’s hottest documentary. But who ever said baroque can’t be chic? Cynthia Rowley debuted a collection of essentials and statement pieces in front of a ten-foot-tall purple bow and the results were chic af.

4. SEA

All rights reserved by Sea

The pantsuit trend is real; when Sea designers asked themselves what to do with the FW17 collection, they asked themselves “what kind of suit would a Sea girl wear?” Although the brand are known for their frilly, girlie looks, in my opinion, they also showcased the chicest pantsuits this year.


An “it” girl is many things, but most of all, she is chic. Anna Sui’s collection is for celebrities who are constantly surrounded by paparazzi, but too chic for tabloid antics. For most of us, “street style” often involves comfortable pants and a warm coat; but not for these starlets. Drawing the attention of the press is important, but getting bad press can be career-killing. Distracting the paparazzi by gracing the sidewalks with glamorous outfits is a necessary evil.


All rights reserved by Camilla and Marc

Camilla and Marc have completly outdone themselves by showing the world that androgyny can be chic. Nearly every label at NYFW embraced the menswear trend, but Camilla and Marc brought the pantsuit into the future.


In these politically tumultuous times, adopting an anti-establishment attitude has become mainstream. Assembly New York was doing it before it was cool. This little-label-that-could deserves major props for this collection. Although it is not explicitly political, the androgynous silhouettes and neutral tones hint towards the changing times.

All rights reserved by Assembly New York

I’ve never been a huge fan of wearing my spaghetti strap tops over longer sleeves. The look on the bottom right hand corner, however, I get. Assembly New York AW17 is the epitome of street-style-meets-chic.

Best of Spring 2017 Couture

What a whirlwind; two out of five major fashion weeks have wrapped and I’m here to bring you the highlights. Spring Couture is all about fairytales, fantasy, and faraway lands. What women dream of is the catalyst of haute couture. This year, walking the red carpet in a dazzling gown was the dream that inspired most designers. However, in the current political climate, other designers had more to say.

All rights reserved by Iris Van Herpen

When I find myself rambling to friends and family about Spring 2017 Couture, I often find myself pulling up these looks and asking them what they think. I’m obsessed with this collection; to me, it asks all kinds of questions about what women will look like in the distant future. 3D detailing was hand-painted onto sheer tulle in order to recreate the look of gills, exoskeletons, and skin. Will humans evolve to look like this? Probably not, but I’d love to see more designers ask themselves this question. To read more about the Iris Van Herpen collection, you can check out my previous blog post, and the full collection courtesy of Vogue.

All rights reserved by Maison Margiela

This social-media inspired collection by Maison Margiela is everything. Instead of asking how humans are physically evolving, it asks us how we are culturally evolving. What we look like on the outside can be a statement about who we are on the inside. The illusions that social media creates are at the center of this collection. To read more, check out my previous blog post and see every look courtesy of Vogue.

All rights reserved by Gui Pei

Game of Thrones vibes were big this year, but no one did it better than Gui Pei. These three finale looks perfectly capture the spirit of an oligarchy that is larger than life. I`ll be delving deeper into the Game of Thrones presence at fashion week in a future blog post! For now, I`d highly recommend checking out the entire collection yourself.

All rights reserved by Maison Valentino

Nonetheless, Valentino absolutely crushed the competition with this minimalist collection. I mentioned that couture is about making women dream; this collection takes that trope the most literally. The inspiration behind this collection is the natural sleep phases that all humans experience at one time or another, and draws on Freudian dream theory for good measure. I`ll be posting a detailed blog entry about this collection in the future, but for now, you can view every look courtesy of Vogue and see for yourself!

Alexander Vauthier

Red carpet glam was the most prominent look, but the more interesting ones were on the fringe. Not to say that some of the more traditional collections weren`t great; my favourite was Alexander Vauthier Spring 2017 Couture. Some of the looks were predictable and others hardly exciting, but Vauthier did the best job of capturing the red carpet look without boring us half to death. Check out the entire collection here!

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