Four Designers at NYFW Who Were Inspired by Modern Art

During the first fashion month of 2017, plenty of designers debuted artistic collections; from gowns that look like they belong in renaissance paintings to edgy avante garde experiments, the influence of the art world is still very much alive in high fashion. This season, four designers at New York Fashion Week debuted collections that were inspired by modern art.

The designers at the helm of PH5 opted to drop this lookbook instead of a traditional runway presentation.


PH5 are known for their exuberant knitwear, and this season they proved complete mastery over the tricky fabric. It's about post-structuralism – taking something symmetrical and structured and making it into something new.


Lisa Perry delivered this lookbook that is chock full of crisp lines and primary colours. I think when most people think of modern art, oversized shapes in the primary colours come to mind.


Perry took it a step further by creating some really interesting Kandinsky-like marks all over both silky separates and bouncing ballgowns. According to the designer, this collection is about creating happiness in the face of despair; in this unpredictable post-election political climate, enormous swaths of non-white, non-male, and/or non-cisgender individuals are feeling more hopeless than ever.


This season, 3.1 Phillip Lim was flamboyant, fanciful, and for the woman who visits art galleries.


This Pamella Roland collection is all about – and this is a direct quote from the designer – "superhero chic". To those not familiar with the intricacies of this genre, this looks more like frothy evening wear than something a modern-day heroine might don.

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