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Several weeks ago, I blogged about decade fashion and delivered examples of some of the best collections inspired by particular decades. I had no problem picking out examples for each decade; the ’20’, ’30’, ’40s… but the ’70s? So many designers dropped ’70s inspired collections during the first fashion month of 2017 that I could hardly keep up. As promised, here are all the FW17 collections from Milan, New York, Paris, and London that were inspired by the grooviest decade of all.

During Paris Fashion Week, Vika Gazinskaya debuted this lookbook instead of a traditional runway presentation.

All rights reserved by Vika Gazinskaya

This collection is mainly ’70s influenced but with early ’80s undertones. Paris Fashion Week is known for avante garde designs, and these are no exception.

All rights reserved by Redemption

The creative geniuses at the helm of Redemption dropped this tongue-in-cheek collection that was inspired by the punk scene in London during the 1970s. If this show was in London, it might have looked slightly less avante garde, but this is Paris Fashion Week baby. Even the punky getups you wish you owned in the 8th grade are glamorous.

All rights reserved by Redemption

Like many designers at NYFW, this designer has recently become disenchanted with the American government. These designs are slightly politically driven, but have no direct focus – not unlike many collections this season.

All rights reserved by Redemption

But Redemption isn’t about mindless rebellion; according to the designer, this is about activism. I guess it’s hard not to take center stage in one of these shimmery gowns. Are we all getting the memo about plunging necklines this season?

All rights reserved by Miu Miu

Miu Miu was not only one of my favourite ’70s inspired shows this season, but it was one of my favourite shows in general. In case you’re wondering, no, that’s not real fur; this Old Hollywood inspired collection features lots of cheesy fake fur and motifs from the ’70s and ’40s alike.

All rights reserved by Miu Miu

According to the designers at the helm of Miu Miu, we face an unpredictable future in our current political climate. This is about prepping ourselves glamorously for whatever is to come. Also, peep Kiki Williams on the far left in the fuzzy hat; I can’t help but be reminded of a certain Mario Bros. character.

All rights reserved by Miu Miu

If you recognize this collection, that’s because it’s been everywhere. From the cover of September American Vogue to a glamorous campaign starring Kate Moss, Miu Miu are a force to be reckoned with this season.

During NYFW, which takes place before Paris Fashion Week, Rachel Zoe debuted her FW17 collection in LA. Why LA and not New York? In the world of fashion, some might argue that rules were meant to be broken.

All rights reserved by Rachel Zoe

According to Rachel Zoe, LA was the obvious option as it “feels like home”. Home was part of the conceptualization behind these designs as well; like Miu Miu, Rachel Zoe is returning to glamour in the face of an unpredictable future.

Back at New York Fashion Week, the Chloe team debuted See FW17.

All rights reserved by See by Chloe

In the fashion world, Chloe are known for their Instagram-savvy tactics and a lead designer who retired shortly after this show. This company might be in store for a period of change and turbulence, much like the political stage in the country it calls home.

All rights reserved by See by Chloe

See by Chloe FW17 is exactly what you’d expect from a dedicated team of trend-watchers. From combat boots, to cute floral print, to handy fanny packs, this team is proving it has what it takes to remain a mainstay in the fashion industry.

All rights reserved by Raquel Allegra

Instead of putting on a traditional runway presentation, Raquel Allegra dropped this truly unique lookbook. It’s not as politically driven as some of the collections I’ve described so far; instead, the creative geniuses at Raquel Allegra drew their inspiration from Japanese animation. You could say the muse this season is the Belladonna of Sadness – a character archetype among many others in anime.

All rights reserved by BY. Bonnie Young

BY. Bonnie Young delivered this grungey take on the ’70s trend. This season, grunge meets the 1970s meets post-apocalypse meets avante garde.

All rights reserved by BY. Bonnie Young

According to the designer, the actual aesthetic behind this is wet surfaces and puddles in decayed places.

All rights reserved by Katie Eary

Collections like this have me begging one question; is orange the new black? This season, Katie Eary strictly investigated all shades of what I like to call ’70s orange. Whether it be burnt umber, autumn leaf orange, dusty beige, or neon orange silk, it’s like Katie Eary travelled back in time and picked her palette from a 1970’s Home Depot.

All jokes aside, according to the designer this is about feminism and glamorous strip clubs.

Rebecca Minkoff took a less kitschy and more contemporary approach to the ’70s trend.

All rights reserved by Rebecca Minkoff

Like Chloe, Rebecca Minkoff is known for being consistently ahead of the Instagram curve. And by investing heavily in the street style trend this season, this brand proves it’ll do what it takes to stay ahead.

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