The Best Italian Streetwear for FW17

I know what you’re thinking; but this blog isn’t about what today’s street style starlets are wearing to fashion week. It’s about the runway looks you’ll be seeing on stars next season. During the first Milan Fashion Week of 2017, these designers released the following streetwear-inspired collections for the upcoming fall and winter season.

All rights reserved by Fendi

This collection of structured eveningwear and streetwear is the latest ready-to-wear from Fendi, an Italian mainstay on the runway. The pieces dropped in January, but the ad campaign just came out in July. Featuring oversized metal Fendi logos, Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner, and Karl Lagerfeld, it was apparent that this brand isn’t stopping it’s aggressive Instagram campaign anytime soon. And why should it? The red boots on this runway are the summertime version of sugarplums dancing in my head.

All rights reserved by Fendi

According to the designers, this collection is all about old-school glamour unrooted in gimmicks. The clothes certainly do speak for themselves, but the Fendi squad has clearly invested a few million dollars in gimmicks as well.

All rights reserved by Fendi

Plenty of designers took the political route this fashion month, but Fendi kept it classic. The idea is to defend what we already have when we’re in turmoil; instead of making an aloof fashion statement, Fendi have stuck to desirable streetwear and eveningwear this season.

All rights reserved by Au Jour Le Jour

In contrast, the designers at the helm of Au Jour Le Jour decided now is the time for a statement to be made. This avante garde collection is full of cute costumey coats and frilly frocks alike.

All rights reserved by Au Jour Le Jour

Everything in this collection is super cute; from the cursive detailing on the dress on the far left, to the cutout on the coat next to it, to the campus and pajama inspired separates that follow.

All rights reserved by Au Jour Le Jour

Not only can they do cute, but they make incredible eveningwear as well. Not to mention the blue pajama set under the faux Mongolian fur stole. Who knew that being comfortable could also look so classy?

All rights reserved by Au Jour Le Jour

In my opinion, there’s nothing cuter than sustainable fur and pretty party frocks.

All rights reserved by Brunello Cucinelli

Instead of putting on a traditional runway presentation, Brunello Cucinelli debuted this lookbook during Milan Fashion Week. I have two words for you: chic af.

This collection is extra cute because Brunello Cucinelli believes in ethical employment. In this day and age of a rapidly changing fashion industry, designers are getting hired and axed within several months of each other. At Brunello Cucinelli, employees experience a low turnover rate and ideal conditions for creating these luxury garments. Not many clothing companies treat their employees this way, which begs the question: what is in store for the future of fashion?

All rights reserved by Emporio Armani

The comfort continued and the pajama-like pieces re-emerged at Emporio Armani. I know these Armani suits are worth an arm and a leg, so I can only imagine how much the pajamas alongside them are. Or how soft they must be.

All rights reserved by Emporio Armani

Milan Fashion Week is among one of my favourite fashion weeks because these designers know how to pick good fabric. They know good fabrics are the foundation of any collection. I guarantee you that all of these fabrics feel softer than a baby’s bottom.

All rights reserved by Attico

At Attico, the vibe was also that of a high society couture girl. But the Attico girl is a rebel. And her street style rocks.

All rights reserved by Diesel Black Gold

Diesel collections are usually futuristic, but the designers took a different turn for these upcoming fall and winter seasons. This collection was inspired by the grunge and romance of the 1990s; to read more about vintage-inspired collections from this season, check out my Evolution of Fashion blog.

All rights reserved by Tod’s

Tod’s was all about bold contrast. This runway presentation featured luxurious leathers, cozy cashmeres, and soft wool.

All rights reserved by Tod’s

Fall is all about layering and texture – and having a chic autumn wardrobe.

All rights reserved by Tod’s

In contrast to all these layers and textures, there was a nude model posing as if she were a sculpture in the middle of this runway presentation. I always say I miss the runway antics of the ’90s, but I wish they made it into Vogue a little more often.

These collections are chock full of desireables for any fall wardrobe. There’s nothing I’d trust more to keep me warm through a long winter than a couture coat fresh off the Italian catwalks. Streetwear is all about what you wear outside – supposedly running errands and other daytime tasks a socialite might complete – but in my country, I need to first focus on warmth. Good thing most of the Italian collections include at least one luxurious winter coat. Too bad I can’t afford any of them!

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