Oscar de la Renta Appreciation Post

Whether you follow high fashion or not, you’ve probably heard of Oscar de la Renta. Known for their opulent gowns and decadent perfumes, this house is a mainstay at Fashion Week. During the first fashion month of 2017, Oscar de la Renta and associated brands released the following collections.

All rights reserved by Monse

Monse is known as yet another label by Oscar de la Renta designers, but this collection is deserving of much more recognition. The asymmetrical, avante garde designs cling to the antiquity that la Renta is known for, but reconcile this with a certain modernity.

All rights reserved by Monse

Here at Girl in the Arena, we like Oscar de la Renta, but we love Monse. This collection is all kinds of fall fashion goals.

All rights reserved by Proenza Shouler

Proenza Shouler has been at the helm of her own line for a while now, but hardcore Oscar de la Renta fans will remember her from those days with one of the most prestigious houses in the industry. This collection is not as outspoken as some of the other collections presented by Oscar de la Renta alum; it’s vague, timid, and inspired by modern art.

This season, Shouler sure looks like Vetements. Why not try to be a little more like Vetements? In today’s streetwear-saturated market, more and more designers are taking a turn towards a more casual aesthetic. So much so that this Spring 2017 Couture collection looks more like one meant for fall and/or winter.

These restructured and repurposed fabrics beg the question: “what exactly is the future of fashion?” A decade ago, it was clear that designers were trying everything and anything to break the rigid mold of runway fashion. But what would constitute a fashion statement now, in a time which seemingly calls for one?

All rights reserved by Oscar de la Renta

Instead of fixating itself on this existential crisis, the Oscar de la Renta line itself stuck to structured silhouettes and shied away from taking any bold risks. Some critics were bored by the designs and a curtain failed to open at the actual presentation, resulting in an unfavorable review from Vogue.

All rights reserved by Oscar de la Renta

Regardless, this collection is perfectly classic and fits in well with the brand. No doubt most of these dresses will make an appearance on the red carpet this fall.

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