Vetements Appreciation Post

The Vetements alum brought it during the first Fashion Month of 2017. The tagline for their fashion shows could be “expect the unexpected”, if that weren’t already a cliche. Vetements are anything but cliche. Vetements are about clothes; just clothes. Unlike the other shows at Spring 2017 Couture, Jean Paul Gaulthier brought us an aesthetic of multivocality.

All rights reserved by Jean Paul Gaulthier

Multivocality is an abstract way of understanding the world that was originally derived by Mikhail Bakhtin while he was studying literary theory. Instead of understanding the world in terms of structures and boundaries like most of the other scholars at the time, Bakhtin was very interested in the ways in which humans make meaning by weaving together seemingly unrelated phenomena. He was particularly interested in studying novels. He saw the novel as the ultimate weaving together of truth and experience. To explain this to his peers, he often used metaphors that related back to the fine arts, such as voice, sewing, and weaving.

This collection by Jean Paul Gaulthier is about multivocality. Instead of hinging on a theme or era, this collection draws together voices across time and space to deliver a unique message about femininity. This collection brings together 80s cowgirl, Anne of Greene Gables, and the Matrix vibes for a rhyme and reason; women can be anything we want to be. Instead of trying to fit ourselves into categories, we could be finding out what makes ourselves really tick.

Being a woman might be tough right now, but it is pretty awesome that it’s more or less socially acceptable to express ourselves with attire. But what about women who don’t look like fashion models? What about regular people who the entertainment industry would deem as “extremely fat”? At NYFW, mother label Vetements took on the issues of ageism, racism, and body positivity. And no, that’s not your accountant in the bottom right hand corner and that’s not your grandmother in the top right hand corner.

All rights reserved by Vetements

Although plenty of these models are industry standard, there are enough “regular” people in this show that I had to double-check I was still reading NYFW coverage. Many designers this year experimented with non-industry-standard types, but this show is completely unrivaled because it asks us this question: what if every fashion show were like this?

Vetements are prolific. Joseph used to design Vetements, but now he designs a self-titled line of ready-to-wear garments. Pictured here is his latest collection for Fall 2017.

All rights reserved by Joseph

Joseph plays it pretty safe, taking trends made for millennials and making them acceptable for all generations. Among the top trends this year are androgynous aesthetics and the loveliest of lampshades. For those of you who don’t know, lampshading has become a huge trend where over-the-knee boots are paired with a solid dress or shirt.

Balenciaga have become a household name on their own, but they began as a branch of Vetements. During Paris Fashion Week, they debuted this ready-to-wear collection for Fall 2017.

All rights reserved by Balenciaga

This is one of my favourite collections of the season. I love the neutrals, the jewel tones, the silhouettes, the shoes, everything. Need I go on?

All rights reserved by Balenciaga

See for yourself. I might be a sucker for oversized sweaters, but even for all of the beautiful oversized sweaters I saw during fashion month, Balenciaga made some of my favourites.

All rights reserved by Balenciaga

I love the coloured tights for back-to-school season. Balenciaga has not only made superb streetwear and elegant eveningwear, puts both looks in the same show. How do they do it? Balenciaga.


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