Evolution of Fashion

Decade fashion is almost always in style in one way or another; however, the decade that’s in fashion is constantly changing. During the first fashion month of 2017, plenty of designers were inspired by vintage vibes, but these collections were made with a specific decade in mind. We’ll start with the 1920’s and work our … More Evolution of Fashion

Trend Alert: Frills and Ruffles for Fall

Runway fashion is often a great predictor of what we’ll see come into style four to six months down the line. Designers launched their collections for autumn and winter 2017 during January and February, leaving us fashion enthusiasts plenty of time to predict which trends will be the biggest in fall fashion. Among lampshading, metallic … More Trend Alert: Frills and Ruffles for Fall

5 Designers at NYFW Who Took Bold Risks That Really Paid Off

The fashion industry is often the subject of criticism for reasons that have since become cliches. Some of the most common criticisms revolve around the serious and structured nature of high fashion. Whereas resting bitch face has become a modeling mainstay in the industry, designers are making less and less serious clothes for serious women. … More 5 Designers at NYFW Who Took Bold Risks That Really Paid Off

Brave New Couture

Paris Couture week is the pinnacle of innovation and experimentation. The fashion industry can be both a welcome distraction from these politically tumultuous times, and a powerful reminder of what we need to do to change that. Here are the highlights: It seems unfair to reduce the Armani Prive Spring 2017 show to anĀ Orange is … More Brave New Couture