A Game of Tones

The hit HBO television series Game of Thrones has been impacting fashion for years. When Valentino dropped the first collection of fashion month, it was clear to me that we were going to be seeing some next level Game of Thrones vibes this year.

Couture is about making women dream. Street style may be dominating the runways for now, but evening wear is where designers can really dream about Game of Thrones. Three houses at Spring 2017 Couture completely nailed the look.

All rights reserved by Guo Pei

Guo Pei does Game of Thrones right. Couture is about making women dream, and this collection seems like it’s right out of a costume designer’s reverie.

All rights reserved by Guo Pei

I don’t know about you, but I’d love to see these looks on screen. Maybe for the rumored spin-off series?

All rights reserved by Guo Pei

As with most couture shows, the designs got more elaborate as the show went on, with the most extreme at the end.

All rights reserved by Guo Pei

If this doesn’t scream “red wedding”, I don’t know what does.

All rights reserved by Francesco Scognamiglio

Masks, muses, and marriage. The Francesco Scognamiglio show opened with some cutting edge street styles before taking off into the world of fantasy. The masks, red gowns, and the finale dress all contain motifs from the now infamous “red wedding”.

Many of the couture shows this season saw marriage as an underlying theme, but none moreso than the Alexis Mabille collection. According to Mabille, it is the desire of all young women to someday get married.

All rights reserved by Alexis Mabille

That may have been the case twenty years ago, but millennials today are preoccupied with matters much more grievous than marriage. The veils in this collection look great and I dig the Disney princess vibe, but I don’t see this collection flying off the racks.

Perhaps the perfection behind the motif of marriage has been forever ruined for some millennials by the Red and Purple Weddings. Either way, I see Game of Thrones influencing culture and fashion for years to come.

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