Is Orange the New Black?

Or will black always be safer? It seems unfair to reduce the following collections to an orange is the new black joke, but the motif is so obvious that poking fun is nearly impossible.

At Spring 2017 Couture, Atelier Versace unveiled a collection that was outwardly based on this principle. At NYFW, plenty of designers incorporated orange into the atmosphere of their presentation. Four designers masterfully reinterpreted this trend for the ready-to-wear market.

All rights reserved by Dion Lee

Dion Lee‘s collection says it loud and clear: orange is the new black, new beige, new everything. Want to give the impression that you’ve been following fashion without having to try too hard? Add a pop of orange (disclaimer: this is not actually my own fashion advice).

All rights reserved by Katie Gallagher

I tend to associate the colour orange with shag carpets from the 1970s, but Katie Gallagher‘s collection is unashamedly futuristic. It’s as if she’s passionate about the longevity of orange as a market demand; not only is orange the new black, but it’s here to stay.

All rights reserved by Nicholas K

Nicholas K best reconciled futuristic and vintage vibes in his collection. To me, this combination of metallics, oranges, boho headbands and loose fabrics screams “space gypsy”. However, according to the designer, this collection is inspired by 90s hip-hop.

All rights reserved by Katie Eary

Katie Eary drew her inspiration this year from the long-lost era of glamorous strip clubs. This downright retro collection is straight up loungewear goals. Why wear real clothes when you can wear your pajamas? If these outfits ever become considered work-appropriate, I can die happy.

We saw the trend first from Atelier Versace, but these ready-to-wear looks might be able to convince the mainstream that orange is indeed the new black. Time will tell whether orange makes a splash on the street style scene, or if it’s merely a fad.

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