Sharp at Both Ends

Even the best needles aren’t sharp at both ends; that’s an old Chinese proverb meaning that if you strive for perfection, you’re likely missing the big picture and not making yourself as useful as you could be. Like many proverbs, this one is applicable to many different facets of life and existence. These shows from Spring 2017 Couture in Paris readily demonstrate why perfection is boring.

At Elie Saab, the look was red carpet perfection in the shapes and shades of Old Hollywood.

All rights reserved by Elie Saub

Which is great, but I can’t come up with anything else to say about it. It’s okay, but it’s not my favourite Elie Saab collection of all time. If you achieve perfection, then what are you going to do for an encore?

All rights reserved by Ralph and Russo

The biggest mistake designers made this season was setting their sights on red carpet perfection and neglecting to explore the other ways in which women dream.

All rights reserved by Alexandre Vauthier

Elie Saab and Zuhair Murad are known for their cutting edge designs, but their Spring 2017 Couture collections were both so mainstream this year.

All rights reserved by Zuhair Murad

The Versace line was also guilty of being a little too perfect, but is interesting to me because they opted for a lookbook instead of a runway show. I love this look because it’s like the haute couture version of the Little Mermaid. This alternative is becoming all the rage, and I really respect the models who are able to slay these looks.

All rights reserved by Versace

The Ulyana Sergeenko collection is for the woman who likes to take a few risks, like having their couture show in a circus tent. Not like that’s a bad thing, I’m all for creativity and innovation.

All rights reserved by Ulyana Sergeenko

It’s like Westworld meets 1950s – which is great, except we already saw that at Valentino Pre-Fall and in Berlin.

Viktor & Rolf took the most daring approach to Spring 2017 Couture week.






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