10 NYFW Designers Who Did it Before it Was Cool

Fashion, like most other man-made phenomena, is dynamic through space and time. Certain “looks” become popular within specific societies and fade from their collective consciousness every month, every day, and every year. In the 1920s, “the look” was that of a glitzy flapper. In the 1950s, it was an obedient housewife. In the ’90s, it was grunge. As the internet became more pervasive in society, mainstream fashion became more intertwined with exotic cultures and subculture than ever before.

In my opinion, mainstream fashion in the present day draws heavily on hipster fashion. In the early days of the internet, being the first one of your friends to discover a new trend was a big deal. Now, admitting to liking anything before it was cool will get you made fun of at parties, but it will gain you pretentious and worldly friends.

By definition, a hipster is someone who looks like a hipster but rejects being labelled as a hipster. They have a reputation for introducing beards, plaid, and quirky fashion into mainstream society. But when everyone’s a hipster, where are the actual hipsters? They’re in little cafes and speakeasys listening to music you haven’t heard of yet. At NYFW, these 10 designers showed us what a hipster looks like in 2017.


Minimalism? Check. Oversized menswear-inspired essentials? Check. Patterns that give off serious vintage vibes? Check. Most importantly, these pieces are are rich with different textures and fabrics. According to the designer, fall is all about texture.


All rights reserved by Warm
Confession time: if I could replace my wardrobe with one collection from NYFW, I would choose this one. I’m a sucker for anything plaid and/or comfortable-looking.

8. TSE

All rights reserved by TSE
A good way to quickly check if something is hipstery or not is to show it to a conservative family member. If their reaction is that of confusion and bewilderment, you’re off to a good start; try and get them to put their reaction into words. If their subsequent description contains the words “from the future”, “something I’ve never seen before”, or “weird”, then you’ve got yourself something hipstery.


All rights reserved by Yeohlee
Caring about the environment is often considered hipstery. This collection by Yeohlee was designed and cut with such mathematical precision that no waste was produced. If humans intend to have a long future here on Earth, the future of fashion must be ethical.


All rights reserved by Haus Alkire
If your grandma would wear it, you can bet a hipster would too.


If your grandma would wear it, although she admits it’s got a futuristic strangeness to it, then you can consider it extra-hipstery.


All rights reserved by Whit
Colourblocking made the rare appearance at NYFW this year, but no one did it like Whit. This minimalistic take on the high-contrast trend is completely one of a kind.


All rights reserved by Khaite
You can call it what you want, but the hipster trend is rooted in neutrals like these. Khaite did the best job of taking trends and making them timeless.


All rights reserved by Edun
The fashion industry is changing. This raw, candid style is becoming more popular in the world of fashion photography. This year, Edun completely opted out of a runway presentation in favor of this editorial.


All rights reserved by Rosie Assoulin
Rosie Assoulin did the best job of taking current trends and making them her own. Her candid, quirky style is a breath of fresh air amongst the many brands who vie for attention from hipsters. This fun, whimsical collection is less stiff than her previous collections.

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