Top 10 Chicest Collections at NYFW 2017

Being chic in 2017 is about bravery, independence, and confidence. Chic is not explicitly political; chic is thinking for yourself. In New York, fashion and street style have become nearly synonymous. Nearly every designer opted to dress down the looks in response to market demands. However, every designer has a different interpretation of what exactly “street style” means. From girlie and glam to understated and strong, these ten NYFW designers did it best.


All rights reserved by Cinq a Sept

If streetwear is the look of the moment, I worry about the future of eveningwear. Plenty of designers attempt to reconcile the two, but in my opinion Cinq a Sept did the best job. If Fashion Week Jeopardy were a thing, I’d be screaming “what would a Disney princess wear in this new era of street style?”

This collection for fall and winter combines frothy decadence with clean lines. It’s the perfect marriage between dressed-down and dressed-up; reality meets whimsy. When our realities fail to satisfy our desires, we we can escape into fantasies. Fantasies can give us hope in these turbulent times.


All rights reserved by Cushnie et Ochs

Cushnie et Ochs debuted a line that is both chic and modern. Plenty of designers incorporate asymmetry into their collections, but few make it look this chic. These looks are ready to slay the red carpet and the glass ceiling.


All rights reserved by Victoria Beckham

It seems like just yesterday that preppy undertones translated to big sales. Nowadays, the preppy brands that have failed to evolve with the trends are invisible, and the ones that have managed to keep up are on the margins of fashion coverage. I was expecting the new Victoria Beckham line to coincide with the former, but I was pleasantly surprised to find it more resemble the latter.

Street style, Coachella, and hipster vibes have infiltrated the fashion market whether we like it or not. This collection has employed menswear-inspired essentials in order to adapt. Trying to reconcile classic preppy looks with ever-changing street style is not an easy task, but Victoria Beckham has pulled it off. These looks are timeless.


All rights reserved by Kate Spade New York

Kate Spade, on the other hand, took several dozen risks and they paid off. This collection was inspired by the “devil may care attitude” of 1920s women. In these turbulent times, we need strong women in the spotlight more than ever. Kate Spade took this political trope and made it non-threatening, yet daring, which could not be more chic.

The designer opted out of a traditional runway showcase, but opted in on quirky details and vintage vibes. These looks might be right on trend, but whether they’re timeless, well… time will tell.


Picture this: your squad have come back to life after a long Saturday night and are going for Sunday brunch, but you have nothing to wear and you’re too tired to coordinate an outfit. My advice? Wear a hat, minimal makeup, tights, and a dress. Not only will your friends be fooled into thinking you actually put effort into your appearance, but strangers will too.

What could be more chic than Sunday brunch? To celebrate all things that come before lunch, Lela Rose served up her latest collection alongside tea and crumpets in a quirky restaurant.


All rights reserved by Camilla and Marc

Minimalism is hot right now; let’s face it, If it’s Baroque, Don’t Fix It is not the name of Netflix’s hottest documentary. But who ever said baroque can’t be chic? Cynthia Rowley debuted a collection of essentials and statement pieces in front of a ten-foot-tall purple bow and the results were chic af.

4. SEA

All rights reserved by Sea

The pantsuit trend is real; when Sea designers asked themselves what to do with the FW17 collection, they asked themselves “what kind of suit would a Sea girl wear?” Although the brand are known for their frilly, girlie looks, in my opinion, they also showcased the chicest pantsuits this year.


An “it” girl is many things, but most of all, she is chic. Anna Sui’s collection is for celebrities who are constantly surrounded by paparazzi, but too chic for tabloid antics. For most of us, “street style” often involves comfortable pants and a warm coat; but not for these starlets. Drawing the attention of the press is important, but getting bad press can be career-killing. Distracting the paparazzi by gracing the sidewalks with glamorous outfits is a necessary evil.


All rights reserved by Camilla and Marc

Camilla and Marc have completly outdone themselves by showing the world that androgyny can be chic. Nearly every label at NYFW embraced the menswear trend, but Camilla and Marc brought the pantsuit into the future.


In these politically tumultuous times, adopting an anti-establishment attitude has become mainstream. Assembly New York was doing it before it was cool. This little-label-that-could deserves major props for this collection. Although it is not explicitly political, the androgynous silhouettes and neutral tones hint towards the changing times.

All rights reserved by Assembly New York

I’ve never been a huge fan of wearing my spaghetti strap tops over longer sleeves. The look on the bottom right hand corner, however, I get. Assembly New York AW17 is the epitome of street-style-meets-chic.

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