Best of Spring 2017 Couture

What a whirlwind; two out of five major fashion weeks have wrapped and I’m here to bring you the highlights. Spring Couture is all about fairytales, fantasy, and faraway lands. What women dream of is the catalyst of haute couture. This year, walking the red carpet in a dazzling gown was the dream that inspired most designers. However, in the current political climate, other designers had more to say.

All rights reserved by Iris Van Herpen

When I find myself rambling to friends and family about Spring 2017 Couture, I often find myself pulling up these looks and asking them what they think. I’m obsessed with this collection; to me, it asks all kinds of questions about what women will look like in the distant future. 3D detailing was hand-painted onto sheer tulle in order to recreate the look of gills, exoskeletons, and skin. Will humans evolve to look like this? Probably not, but I’d love to see more designers ask themselves this question. To read more about the Iris Van Herpen collection, you can check out my previous blog post, and the full collection courtesy of Vogue.

All rights reserved by Maison Margiela

This social-media inspired collection by Maison Margiela is everything. Instead of asking how humans are physically evolving, it asks us how we are culturally evolving. What we look like on the outside can be a statement about who we are on the inside. The illusions that social media creates are at the center of this collection. To read more, check out my previous blog post and see every look courtesy of Vogue.

All rights reserved by Gui Pei

Game of Thrones vibes were big this year, but no one did it better than Gui Pei. These three finale looks perfectly capture the spirit of an oligarchy that is larger than life. I`ll be delving deeper into the Game of Thrones presence at fashion week in a future blog post! For now, I`d highly recommend checking out the entire collection yourself.

All rights reserved by Maison Valentino

Nonetheless, Valentino absolutely crushed the competition with this minimalist collection. I mentioned that couture is about making women dream; this collection takes that trope the most literally. The inspiration behind this collection is the natural sleep phases that all humans experience at one time or another, and draws on Freudian dream theory for good measure. I`ll be posting a detailed blog entry about this collection in the future, but for now, you can view every look courtesy of Vogue and see for yourself!

Alexander Vauthier

Red carpet glam was the most prominent look, but the more interesting ones were on the fringe. Not to say that some of the more traditional collections weren`t great; my favourite was Alexander Vauthier Spring 2017 Couture. Some of the looks were predictable and others hardly exciting, but Vauthier did the best job of capturing the red carpet look without boring us half to death. Check out the entire collection here!

Thanks for checking out my blog! Make sure to stay posted for highlights from NYFW.


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