MBFWB: Conclusion

Paris Haute Couture Week has begun, so it’s time to bring you the final highlights of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin. The minimalist and ready to wear looks kept on coming, setting the stage for the avante-garde looks in Paris.

Getty Images for I’Vr Isabel Vollrath

I’Vr Isabel Vollrath’s AW17 collection combined a slower walk and slicked back locks to create a uniquely futuristic vibe. Dewy skin, neutrals, and classic silhouettes continued to dominate the runway. These elements were juxtaposed with bows, plaids, and vintage details. Combining elements of the present and the past were a huge theme at Berlin this year. This collection does one of the best jobs of combining elements of antiquity and modernity.

Getty Images for IMG

Atelier About’s AW17 collection leans to the futuristic side. Think apocalypse ninja. I almost used the word “post-apocalyptic” to describe a couple other collections at Berlin, but I’m glad I reserved it for this. Not only do these outfits look easy to run in, but they also contain all kinds of utility pockets and bags for storing food scraps and bottlecaps. This look combines functionality with aesthetics.

Getty Images for IMG

The utility-chic vibe continued into the last couple shows of the day. At Odeur, the models were adorned with heavy coats and protective fabrics. This look is like the urban version of Atelier About. It’s like you made it to one of the last urban centers after the apocalypse, and now you need a new street style. Well, look no further. Not to mention, it’s also a cute street style collection for those of us who are living in the pre-apocalypse era.

And with that, Fashion Week in Berlin drew to a close. Minimalism dominated and luminous cheekbones were a beauty staple. What we see on the runway is often a good indicator of style trends to come. It looks to me like this year, neutral tones and androgynous silhouettes will continue to dominate mainstream fashion.





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