Fashion Week In Berlin: Day Three

It’s fashion week in Berlin and I’m doing what I do best – streaming the shows and bringing you the highlights. Here’s what went down on Day Three:

Getty Images for Ewa Herzog

Ewa Herzog showed a collection of glamorous and sometimes glitzy evening gowns. I saw nothing short of red carpet worthy and spied a couple of my favourite models as well. Rebecca Mir absolutely slayed like a Victoria’s Secret Angel and Leonie Schuemann was cutest as ever.


Getty Images for Ewa Herzog

This ladylike collection paired vintage classics with a modern twist. My favourite part about this look is the lace applique and combination of patterns and textures. Especially the satin pants; I’d take those in every colour! Some of the outfits were topped off with little fuzzy hats like what you might see a dignified and classy lady wearing at an equestrian event.

Getty Images for IMG

Steinrohner debuted a collection that draws more on modern street style trends. A lot of street style is menswear-inspired, but these looks were markedly feminine. On that note, if you are offended by female nipples, don’t look too closely.

Messy hair and wild makeup were sometimes hidden under plain black ball caps, making me want one more than ever before. No matter the vibe, hats have made a bold statement in Berlin this year.

Getty Images for IMG

Vladimir Karaleev debuted a minimalistic collection with a more masculine silhouette. This look isn’t flirty or feminine, but dark and industrial.

If the fabrics didn’t look so soft and fragile I would say it looks like the ideal wardrobe for surviving an apocalypse. If the designs weren’t so experimental, I would say it looks like the ideal wardrobe for surviving the office. Either way, there is something survivalist about this look. Adding to the surrealist vibe is the fact that all the models look eerily similar; one could almost say uncanny.

Getty Images for IMG

Dawid Tomaszewski and Patrizia Aryton made their debut with a structured and feminine outerwear collection. A dark colour palette and crisp lines makes this everything I want for fall. This look is comfortable except for the whisps of hair that the models seem to have in their eyes. I live in a country with harsh winters and the three things I really value when walking outside are comfort, warmth, and vision. This look hits my first two criteria on the head, but loses points for obstructed vision.

That just about marks the half way point in Berlin Fashion Week! After Berlin, we can expect a slight lull before what many consider the holy grail of Fashion Months: NYFW. Then comes Paris, Milan, London… we’re only getting started.







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