Benz in Berlin: Day Two

It’s that time of year! The best and brightest in fashion are debuting their new collections in Berlin. Here are what I consider the highlights of Day Two.

Getty Images for Sportalm

The Sportalm show opened with authoritative looking models sporting cop hats and nautical stripes. This is how I would dress if I were a cop. Would I be a good cop or a bad cop? I’d be a lady cop. The more casual outfits would be useful for chasing down bad guys on yachts during my off time. The brown heels weren’t unreasonably high and looked comfortable.

I noticed some familiar faces from day one. The runway antics of the 90s are long in the past but some of the models gave signature end of the runway poses. What you do at the end of the runway is a pretty controversial subject in fashion, and usually the designer holds complete control over the decision. But some I couldn’t help but notice. Leonie Scheunemann is quickly becoming one of my favourites. She worked the runway like a total pro and she always gives the cutest smile at the end. I would suggest watching her walk yourself!

Leonie Scheunemann by Getty Images for Sportalm

Just as I started to get lost in the nostalgia of 90s runway antics, a flash dance breaks out in the show. No doubt these streetwear-inspired looks will be hot ticket items.

Other motifs throughout the show were snow suits, metallic shoes and fur accessories. The show concluded with a finale of ready-to-wear neutral outfits. These outfits are clearly more inspired by modern street style trends.

I love high fashion but I am passionate about ethical fashion. Fur accessories make a great addition to these outfits but I can’t endorse non-vegan fur! The Philomena Zanetti presentation was situated at the interface between ethics and aesthetics. If this industry is going to last, it’s going to have to become more sustainable. This minimalistic collection of organic clothing is the poster child for where I think fashion ought to be headed.

Getty Images for IMG

I don’t know when the fashion industry decided that fuzzy slippers are in, but I want a pair of these ethically-made fuzzy slippers, like, yesterday. This collection is the poster-child of functionality and sophistication. I could wear any of these pieces to the office and be comfortable enough to forget I even changed out of my pajamas. Not to mention the lovely, rich jewel tones.

Minimalism is in vogue, which continued at the Leonie Mergen show. In her fashion week debut, Mergen presented a line that made use of color blocking with black and neutrals. What made this collection stand out were the crisp lines and silhouettes.

Getty Images for Mercedes-Benz

A lot of the looks included capes and the walks were almost robotic. Here you can really see the influence of the new Star Wars franchise on the fashion world. The interplay between fantasy and reality in this collection is what I find the most interesting.

Whereas Leonie Mergen’s collection is structural and futuristic, Rebekka Ruetz’s collection is primal and untamed. She is known for her use of high quality materials and for creating fashion for the modern amazon.

Getty Images for Rebekka Ruetz

What exactly is a modern amazon? I analyzed the collection to find out.

The modern amazon is primarily a young white female with wild hair. As opposed to residing in the actual Amazon, she resides in the concrete jungle. Instead of catching prey, she slays the runway (I’ll show myself out now).

Again with the metallics though. Now I’m convinced there’s some kind of conspiracy here meant to brainwash us all into buying Mercedes’.

Getty Images for IMG

For the fashionista who would never don a swear word on an evening gown, there were plenty of other collections on which to feast their eyes upon. Maisonnoee brought a distinctly preppy, simple, and feminine look to the runway. This collection safely borrows motifs that have worked in the past and reorganizes them in new and innovative ways. Not to mention the shoes; these are easily the cutest black booties I’ve seen so far.

Maisonnoee was also the third show of the day that I saw Alina Tatsiy. Girl can work! In the image, Alina is the one wearing the patterned dress.

The preppy look continued its’ comeback at Laurel, which was opened by Leonie Sheunemann looking strong yet adorable in a fluffy dark red coat. Her little giggle at the end of the runway nearly made me blush.

Getty Images for Laurel

This collection is very strongly influenced by menswear, but each look bears a trademark of femininity. The silhouette of Leonie’s opening look is particularly masculine, but her skirt is classically feminine. Another example is the pairing of oversized garments with fitted ones. Being comfortable has never looked more chic.

Day Two of fashion week saw a variety of genres and silhouettes that were tied together by trends. Metallic accessories appeared in some of the most unlikely of collections, and minimalism continues its’ stronghold over the fashion industry. But I know one thing for sure; comfortable clothing is in, and I can stand behind that.







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