On Set Shooting a Commercial

I have been a busy girl lately! I find that I get most of my down time during the end of the work week, and I receive most of my bookings for the weekend. This most recent weekend was one for the records. On Sunday, I filmed a commercial for an emerging backpack brand, did some promotional modelling at the Fall Home Show, and then got some new head shots taken by my friend and amazing photographer Kirk Valan.

My day began at 8:00 AM outside of a high school near Whyte Ave. It snowed in Edmonton recently so it felt like more of a winter than a fall morning. I had my makeup done by the wonderful Molly Alanna and then watched the sunrise from a number of scenic vantage points. I can’t wait to see the footage but I have been lucky enough to receive these behind-the-scenes photos from Vasya Omelchuk, who I can’t thank enough for holding my coat and glasses while we shot the commercial!

You can hover your mouse over the photos to find out who is in them. Gabby is the producer, Jonathan is the videographer, Molly is the MUA, and Liam is the assistant. They were a great team to work with!

Keep posted for more content from this shoot and follow the work of my lovely team members as well! I post my best work to my Instagram.

Many thanks for supporting my work.

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