1000 Photographs

I spent the last two weeks travelling from Edmonton, to Vancouver Island, to Edmonton, to Calgary, and finally back to Edmonton! I took over 800 pictures and I would estimate at least 1000 pictures were taken of me. I’ve embarked on a couple creative endeavours this summer. I’ve been photographing and painting a little less, but have been modelling and writing more music. Now I’m the frontwoman of an indie rock band and confirmed hippie at heart.

Summer is nearly over and it’s time to start cropping, rotating, dodging, burning, and looking for that perfect day job. Speaking of which, if you hail from Edmonton and know of something I might be interested, do not hesitate to drop me a line! LOL!

While I figure out where to begin, enjoy this photo of the Rocky Mountains that I took from the car on the drive to Vancouver. To see the one with the filter on it follow me on Instagram, my handle is loladecia.


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