“Odie” the Lapras, 22×22, acrylic on canvas

Odie is the Lapras I have raised on my second playthrough of Pokemon X. Unfortunately for me, the reason this is my second playthough is because I misplaced my first gamecard over two years ago. I cut my losses and purchased a used game card from EB Games, and I’m glad I did. I’ve been able to replace most of the memorable Pokemon that I lost, and more. I have yet to complete the storyline, but I am engaged enough in this second playthrough that I’ve produced this painting, so I’d say that is a pretty good sign.

This is the first painting that I have produced this year that I am satisfied with. I’ve taken a hiatus from an intensive creative schedule in order to finish my degree and begin my career, and now that my day job is a little more stable, I’m ready to dive back in.

The issue here is that creativity comes and goes. It doesn’t come when you want it to, and often times it does come when you’re too busy to do anything about it. I tweeted something speaking to my frustration and I actually ended up getting some pretty good advice: Be a conduit. This is great advice because it assumes a symbiotic relationship between the agency of the artist and the fluidity of creative potential. Life is short, but being creative only takes a moment, and my life has become a lot more about working towards those moments.

I was only able to create this painting after coming to this realization. I work a lot of temp jobs downtown, so I often get periods of spontaneous down-time. Unfortunately, my creativity doesn’t work in tandem with the job market in Edmonton, which is an entirely other can of worms anyways. What matters is that I have relieved myself from the pressure to create, and have thus been able to be more creative.

Now time for a little more Pokemon talk. If you would like to trade or battle with me on this game or my other Pokemon games, please feel free to as long as I am online. My DS friend code is 1736-2999-7897 and my name is Becca. Other DS games in my current roster are: Pokemon Alpha Sapphire, Final Fantasy Explorers, Bravely Default, Animal Crossing, Happy Home Designer, and Kingdom Hearts 3D. I would be happy to be your friend on any of these games and I will interact with you whenever I am active!



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