Digital Portrait, 2400×2400, digital media

A Digital Portrait, 2400x2400, digital media
A Digital Portrait, 2400×2400, digital media

This project arose out of a really difficult one. I struggled with the painting below for longer than I ever wanted to, but I learned a lot of lessons about traditional painting and the creative process. As a treat, I decided to update the original image in Photoshop and finally solve all the problems it had.

What I learned this time is that I’m a much better drawer in Photoshop than I thought I was! I love how the lips and the jawline turned out. What I also learned is that – just as I learned in kindergarten – I can’t run away from my problems! Most artists never leave their work completely satisfied. In fact, it is my hope that I’ll look at the digital piece in a few months and completely rework it again.

Portrait 8, 23x22, acrylic on canvas
Portrait 8, 23×22, acrylic on canvas

Although, even after looking at the digital one, I still find this traditional painting beautiful.

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