Photographs from a Chilly August Day

A Bluebell, 2442x3055, photograph
A Bluebell, 2442×3055, photograph

Here in Alberta the weather is weird. It felt like a late October day on August 16th this year, and I spent the day capturing the late summer foliage around my neighbourhood with my 8 megapixel digital camera.

Composition of Leaves, 2443x2442, photograph
Composition of Leaves, 2443×2442, photograph


Desert Sprout, 2749x2198, photograph
Desert Sprout, 2749×2198, photograph

This one wasn’t actually in a desert – just the sand in a playground near my house.

A Bunch of Bluebells, 2438x1369, photograph
A Bunch of Bluebells, 2438×1369, photograph

No matter how you point your camera at these bluebells, they look amazing.

Sprouts, 2915x1637, photograph
Sprouts, 2915×1637, photograph
The Leaf Dragon, 1953x2932, photograph
The Leaf Dragon, 1953×2932, photograph
Dormer, 3264x2448, photograph
Dormer, 3264×2448, photograph
Branch of Oranges III, 1238×695, photograph

These are not actually oranges; they are tiny berries that grow like crazy around where I live.

Branch of Bluebells, 2442x2443, photograph
Branch of Bluebells, 2442×2443, photograph
Hang in There, 1744x2442, photograph
Hang in There, 1744×2442, photograph
Big Yellow Car, 2932x1647, photograph
Big Yellow Car, 2932×1647, photograph
Leaves III, 2448x3264, photograph
Leaves III, 2448×3264, photograph
Bunch of Oranges II, 2442x3058, photograph
Bunch of Oranges II, 2442×3058, photograph
Moss IV, 3054x2442, photograph
Moss IV, 3054×2442, photograph
The Seed is Planted But it's a Hot Day, 2749x2198, photograph
The Seed is Planted But it’s a Hot Day, 2749×2198, photograph
Bluebell VII, 2448x3264, photograph
Bluebell VII, 2448×3264, photograph
Light Through Leaves, 2932x1953, photograph
Light Through Leaves, 2932×1953, photograph

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