My Etsy Shop is Open!

Click here to go to my shop!

Hello friends! I have been spending a lot of time over the last month putting together my online store, and now I am finally open for business. It is now easier than ever to look through my art and maybe snag one you love! My prices range from $10-$600, and shipping is $5 in Canada and $10 everywhere else.

I accept credit cards, Amex, cheques, bank orders, ect. If you purchase a painting and it is not what you were expecting, I will happily reimburse you for all shipping costs and for the painting.

The best place to check out my daily activity is still this blog. Thank you to everyone who has supported me in any way!

Winter Leaves, 23x17.5, pencil on paper

Tiger I, 20x14.5, acrylic on unstretched canvas
Tiger I, 20×14.5, acrylic on unstretched canvas
The Kitchen Floor, 30x40, china ink on paper
The Kitchen Floor, 30×40, china ink on paper
Blue Lady, 22.5x13, acrylic and ink on canvas
Blue Lady, 22.5×13, acrylic and ink on canvas
Ribbon, 17.5x26, charcoal on paper
Ribbon, 17.5×26, charcoal on paper


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