The Papillon Project

Lately, I’ve been using butterflies a lot as subject and motif in my paintings. Although innocent-seeming enough, butterflies can be used alongside darker themes for effect (see Papillon, the prison flick). I’m exploring this relationship by creating many butterfly paintings. I have painted two butterflies so far. As always, I’ve stayed true to my style, but created some variation between the two.

Papillon I, 24×30, acrylics and inks on canvas

These aren’t your typical butterfly paintings. Papillon I is really pretty and definitely a good painting, but the rigid lines and dark colours make this not just another butterfly painting.

This painting was frustrating at some times and I’m still not completely satisfied with it but something about it is incredibly charming.

The Caterpillar, 24×30, acrylics and inks on canvas

The Caterpillar is more about the ambiguous blue line and the sunflower than the butterfly. Although neither of these paintings are realistic or very structured, this one is extremely abstract. The blue line is reminiscent of the caterpillar from Alice In Wonderland.

Bonus Behind-The Scenes Shot!

Papillon in Progress

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