I Am Taking New Commissions!

Hello everyone! This month has been an extremely exciting, but a busy one; I’m getting ready to go back to school full time, and I’ve been on a massive creative kick. But, right now I have some down time and I would love to help you create your dream piece of artwork.

Whether you have a specific idea or just looking for something new, I can help you out! Send me a message on Facebook, comment below, or e-mail me at theartistrebecca@gmail.com if you are interested in setting something up soon. I offer professional shipping, but I also deliver if you live close to me.

I am capable of working in a wide range of mediums. I do everything from hi-def digital art, small oil paintings, large abstract paintings, portraits, and everything in between. Here is a small selection of my best work:

Suspicious Snake, 22x23, acrylics and inks on canvas
Suspicious Snake, 22×23, acrylics and inks on canvas
zebra painting done with photoshop, based on an image I took at the Edmonton Valley Zoo
A Couple of Zebras, 2933×2147, digital media


Wolf II, 1271x1874, digital media
Wolf II, 1271×1874, digital media
Snake, 2749x2198, digital media
Snake, 2749×2198, digital media

Bird Watcher

Celebration I, 22x22, acrylic on canvas
Celebration I, 22×22, acrylic on canvas
Collage II, 20x16, magazine cutouts glued on cardboard, 2013.
Collage II, 20×16, magazine cutouts glued on cardboard, 2013.
Final Composition, 60x30, acrylic on canvas
Final Composition, 60×30, acrylic on canvas


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