The Kandinsky Project, 35×21, 2014

The Kandinsky Project
My Final Composition is on top, Kandinsky’s original is on the bottom.

It was the Winter of 2014 and I was taking an art class at the University of Alberta, and I was facing the most daunting project yet.

My assignment was to pick out a piece of famous art, get it printed out, and then cut it into pieces and rearrange it into a new composition.

Kandinsky collage
My collage

I was skeptical at best by the time I had cranked out this composition. The colours were proving difficult to recreate, and I wasn’t confident that I could beat Kandinsky at his own game. I started painting, and reworked it many times before I finally produced something I liked. I think this project taught me that no matter how tough it seems, you can always turn something into something beautiful.

Final Composition, 60x30, acrylic on canvas
Final Composition, 60×40, acrylic on paper

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