Portrait 7, 30×20, acrylic on canvas


I really struggled with this project, but I learned a lot of valuable lessons about my creative process.

You never know with what kind of painting you’re going to end up. Although for this, I had a strong image in mind, it ended up nothing like the original.


As an artist, I learn to manage this disparity between reality and fantasy every day; my paintings aren’t strictly based on the images I choose because this denies artistic license and I end up with a technical drawing every time.


This doesn’t mean that the drawing underneath the painting doesn’t have to be technical. I often try to make the temporary sketches detailed so I can abstract them with paint later.

Art is about maintaining this balance between the inspiration, the plan, and the product. By breaking the rules during the transitions between these phases, you risk losing some appearance of intentionality in your work, but you can make a lot of great marks and develop a unique style.

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