Why Art Matters

A lot of people don’t “get” modern art. There is a mental block between the individuals other passion and desires, and abstract paintings. If their five-year-old could have done it, why should they pay to enter a gallery to view it? Any why should art be appreciated in general, if, with enough time, anyone could learn to be considered an artist?

I’m not sure if humankind are capable of ever even agree on a definition of “art”, or if art can exist before there is a definition of it. Nothing is art. But, the issue here is that everything is art at the same time. The unique way an individual moves and holds themselves is art. The way I move my hands when I paint is art in itself. I believe if these discourses exist, they absolutely contribute to a truth that is more complicated than we would like to think. 

The fact that humans have been consistently expressing themselves in this mystifying, abstract way matters to me. It is something other people may draw even more meaning from than I do, and that is something fascinating that human beings have always been doing. Taking one thing and putting it on another thing for seemingly no reason is incredibly fun and rewarding to do, even if you know how the formula works.

Even if you don’t “get” a particular piece of modern art (I get very few pieces of modern art myself), someone else on this planet does and that contributes to the definition of art itself. Two similar people looking at one piece of art might interpret it completely different ways. Conflicting and competing discourses contribute to the big picture equally, which is why art is nothing and art is everything.

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