10 Things I Love About Fall

For most Edmontonians, July 1st is Canada Day. For me, it’s the first day I start shamelessly looking forward to the start of the fall semester. It’s the first time I’m able to utter “I can’t wait for pumpkin spice latte” without facing much judgment from my coworkers. Every white girl has one; here is my list of favourite things about fall.

Pumpkin spice latte with rosetta latte art

1. Pumpkin Spice Latte

I work at a certain food and beverage purveyor that, in my opinion, carries the best kind of coffee beverage you could ever get, besides black coffee – pumpkin spice latte.

Pictured here is a beautiful customized pumpkin spice latte that I made for myself last year.Friendsgiving 2014 table

2. Friendsgiving

My friends and I throw a potluck that last year turned into a fairly rowdy house party.

I encouraged guests to bring random food items and I cooked a turkey. I burnt it to a crisp but there was enough salvageable dark meat for everyone.

crowded Lister lounge, 2011

3. The “Welcome Back” Parties

Most of my friends move back to their hometowns for the 4 months off from University. So, the best get-togethers occur in the fall.

Pictured here is the lounge of my floor on the first night from when I lived in Lister, circa 2011.

plaid, glasses, no makeup and red lipstick selfie

4. Red lipstick and plaid

This is my usual getup anyways, but at least in the fall I can get away with it a little more than usual in the fall.

I love wearing red lipstick because it gives the illusion that you’ve put effort into your appearance even if it’s the only effort.

two teapots and a big tea cup5. Tea

I drink an obscene amount of tea year-round, but a nice hot chai, English breakfast, or Earl grey is extra tasty in the fall.

edmonton lrt bingo

6. Playing LRT Bingo

This version was taken from Facebook somewhere, it’s a very accurate depiction of what riding the LRT is like during the school months, especially around the University area.

I now avoid riding public transportation as much as possible, opting to take long walks in the beautiful fall weather instead.

sprinkles at bulk barn

7. Bulk Barn

Going to Bulk Barn is a must for fresh fall baking supplies and an array of sprinkles. I’m never let down by the volume of sprinkles they have to choose from. And Planet Organic is right next door!

gray wool bass pro shop socks8. Wool socks and leggings

Wool socks are the only kinds of socks I wear for two reasons: First, because the seams aren’t small and irritating like regular socks, and secondly, because I have very poor circulation and they will keep my feet warm when the weather starts to get a little chillier.

fall leaves in queen alexandra, edmonton

9. All the beautiful foliage in Old Strathcona

This is right by my condo and every year it takes my breath away. I always take a whole bunch of photos to look at when I get that summertime sadness.

my christmas tree last year

10. Christmas just around the corner

Yes, I’m already looking forward to Christmas.

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