48 strokes

When I came across the idea for this painting exercise, I just couldn’t help myself.

I’ve spent the first few days of summer in Edmonton moving from my one-bedroom apartment to a two-bedroom condo in the building next door that I bought with my brother. I’ve had less time for painting and more trips back and fourth with my belongings.
I woke up after a long day of moving and knew I had to paint something to take my mind off of the ~35° weather and the new task of unpacking. So I grabbed 2 or 3 colours, a brush, a small canvas, and my drawing board – all of which were packed for easy access in case of inspiration.

I remembered seeing a thread on r/painting for a painting exercise in which you use the least amount of strokes possible, and I knew it would be a welcome break/ distraction in the middle of a sweaty weekend.

I couldn’t believe how quickly those strokes got used up. I really wanted to stay under 50 strokes and found myself budgeting them near the end. I will definitely try this exercise again later!

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